How to Properly Treat Ingrown Nails

"Nails incarnate"is the popular term that has been given to a nail disease called onicocriptosis. This problem is characterized by being very painful and unpleasant , Mainly affects the nail of the thumb of the foot and produces an inflammation or, in major cases, an infection.

It is very important to properly treat ingrown toenails so that they do not become a more serious problem. For this reason, to We would like to share the complete procedure for ingrown toenails And some tips that can help you alleviate this problem.

Steps to treat ingrown nails

  • First, you should look for a large container in which you can soak your feet in warm water, for 15 or 20 minutes. The purpose of this treatment is to relieve pain and, above all, to prevent possible infections in the affected area . You can use an antibacterial soap for better results.
  • After the recommended time, dry your feet well and place a little floss under the nail. It is important to do this treatment frequently and Floss every day to allow the nail to grow over the edge of the skin.
  • Cut your nails With a straight nail clipper and make them square And without any borders. Avoid cutting the nails rounded, as this increases the risk of the ingrown nail.
  • Uses a local antibiotic To relieve the pain immediately. In pharmacies you can get it in the form of gel, cream or ointment.
  • While the treatment lasts to relieve the ingrown toenail, It is best to wear an open shoe That prevents the nail from rubbing and getting hurt more. Avoid wearing socks and closed shoes.

Home remedies to relieve ingrown nails

Cancer onion

In addition to taking into account the previous steps to cure nail Incarnated, you can also consider some of the following home remedies that will help you speed up the recovery process.

  • Onion juice
    Extract the juice from an onion and apply it directly on the injured nails. Let the juice dry on the nail, apply it frequently and you will notice the results.
  • Water with salt
    Prepare a solution of water with salt and apply it on the affected area every night before bed. Sell ​​your finger after applying the remedy and let it act until the next morning.
  • Lemon
    Rub a slice of lemon directly onto the affected area and hold for a few hours with a bandage, adhesive bandol or gauze.
  • Garlic
    Garlic is considered as a Natural antibiotic Very powerful, which can help us fight infection in the nail and reduce the inflammation that occurs when it is incarnated. Grind a little garlic and apply directly on the affected area.
  • Tea Tree Oil
    This essential oil works as a natural antibiotic that can help you prevent infection. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil directly onto the affected area.
  • Carrot
    Wash and crush a carrot until it forms a paste, which should be applied directly to the affected area. Cover with a bandage and let it act for a few hours. Repeat this remedy twice a day.

Other Recommendations

Ingrown toenail

  • If the pain becomes unbearable, the ideal Is to consult the doctor to prescribe some type of analgesic .
  • In case of suffering from diabetes It is very important to act under medical supervision.
  • When you are at home, try to walk barefoot. This will allow the air to circulate freely, which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria in the affected nail. Keep in mind that bacteria can spread easily in humid and warm environments, So you should minimize the use of closed shoes.
  • Avoid wearing high shoes or any other type of uncomfortable shoe . It will not do much to look very elegant for the footwear if on arrival the pain is unbearable. Keep in mind that it is not okay to press your feet with painful shoes.
  • Remember that the Nail polish Is essential to prevent and combat ingrown toenails. It is important that you check them frequently, clean them and cut them properly to prevent this problem from recurring.

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