How to quickly cure scrapes and blisters on your feet

Have you released new shoes today? Then, sure you already have The classic blisters on the heels or those scrapes In the fingers. It's horrible and very painful! What can we do? Do not miss out on these simple tips, sure to be of great help.

1. Socorro I have a blister!


Narrow, tight shoes almost always give us some trouble . Especially if we spend many hours with them and if they are new. One mistake that often falls many people is to get home and exploit those blisters that appear on the heels.

Why is it a mistake? Because we can infect the area. When you take off your shoes and you see that it is very inflamed that part and that you have some other blister, follow these steps

  • Prepare a tub or basin of salt water. Heat about 5 liters of water and add 5 tablespoons of salt.
  • When the water is already hot, immerse the feet . It may hurt, but in a few minutes you will find relief.
  • Try to relax for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Carefully dry your feet and watch the blisters. If they are very large and will make it difficult to fit you, it will be better to drain that liquid. Do this with a needle sterilized previously with alcohol. Although generally, it is better not to burst them. They heal better and we do not run the risk of infecting the wound.

2. A little relief: The aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is wonderful for dealing with endless daily problems . Scratches and blisters on the feet? Do not hesitate, aloe vera is your great ally.

  • You will calm the pain and the sting.
  • He will heal the wound first.
  • The blisters will dry before and will stop bothering you the next day.

In order to benefit from this treatment, you only have to take 20 grams of the gel of aloe vera . It is the translucent paste in the center of the plant. Once obtained, apply it on the scabs and blisters. Finally, cover this area with a gauze and allow it to act all night.

3. Sodium bicarbonate, always effective for chafing and blistering


Do you want to heal your scrapes and blisters on your feet from day to day? So Take note of this excellent advice

  • Wash your feet carefully with a hot tub or hot tub. Add to it 5 branches of rosemary : Is an excellent anti-inflammatory that will also help eliminate any impurity or bacteria present in the blisters or scrapes.
  • Dry your feet carefully.
  • Now take 200 ml of water and Add 20 g of bicarbonate and 40 ml of hydrogen peroxide . Remove well. It must be homogeneous.
  • With a cotton, you see generously moistening the affected areas. Soak the blisters, the rubs... Do it until you finish with all the treatment that we have done with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda .
  • If you do it twice a day, the next day you will have the blisters already practically cured and you will hardly notice the scratches.

4. Simple remedy with garlic


This option is as effective as original. You only need three garlic and 100 grams of thyme . Do you want to know how to relieve your scrapes and blisters on your feet in a visa and not seen? Take note:

  • Heat 5 liters of water and drop 100 grams of thyme. This medicinal plant is very suitable for disinfecting and desinflamar, so this first step is necessary to eliminate any impurity of the feet.
  • Soak your feet in the water and relax for at least 20 minutes. Then dry carefully.
  • Check your blisters, remember that if they are not very large is convenient not to exploit them to not infect them.
  • What we will do now is chop all three Garlic In a mortar. Once well chopped, let them fall into two gauze.
  • We will apply this remedy with garlic in the area where you have blisters or scabs . You know that garlic is a great natural antibiotic and will help us to treat any injury or chafing.
  • Allow it to act for 15 minutes, then remove it. No need to apply anything else or rinse your feet. We will let the properties of garlic work.

To treat the rubs and blisters on your feet you can choose the treatment you want. You know that the most important thing is to wash your feet first, then apply the treatment you like the most, aloe vera, bicarbonate... Simple Remedies That Will Help You .

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