How to Remove Hair Fat

Fat hair is not only a genetic problem or skin type, but the hair is getting dirty throughout the day and that increases the oiliness. Soot, running dirty hands through hair, particles, dead cells, not washing every day, can also cause more fat. In the following article we tell you how to eliminate hair fat naturally by following simple tips and using natural remedies.

Despite being careful, sometimes it is not enough and the hair is greasy. This is because the scalp is producing more sebum than normal. Hair with fat is not always due to an organic dysfunction, but because the hormones secrete more fats in the body. That is why, at certain times like pregnancy and adolescence, fat increases in the scalp and, consequently, in the hair.

Why does fat increase in hair?

The reasons why we can have the hair Most greasy are:

Improper washing or lack of washing

Using very strong cleaning products or with too many chemicals is not good for the skin. Many shampoos or conditioners are irritating and affect the pH of the skin. This can stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands. The same happens when we spend several days without washing the hair, especially when it is very hot.

Washing of the hair

Genetic or hormonal factors

The tendency to greasy hair could become hereditary in some cases. As regards hormonal factors, as mentioned above, at certain stages of life, hair can be greased more than in others, such as in the pregnancy , Puberty or menstruation. In those moments, there is a greater sebaceous production.

Very straight or thin hair

Each strand of hair has two or three sebaceous glands that moisturize or irrigate it. If the hair is too thin it does not use all the secreted fat , So that the excess is deposited on the surface.

Tips to Eliminate Hair Fat

Caution if you take birth control pills

If you are a woman and you consume Contraceptives , The hormones may be wreaking havoc on your scalp. If at any moment the hair has become more oily, you can consult the gynecologist to know if that may be the reason. Certain pills have more or less hormonal effects, depending on the dose of the different hormones they contain, therefore you can produce more or less amount of sebum.

Avoid heat

During the summer you are more likely to have more fat in your hair, due to the greater perspiration and the scalp is in contact with the sun. Heat stimulates the production of sebaceous glands. The same thing happens when you use the hair dryer, the iron or the shower water too hot . Bathe in warm water, wear hats or handkerchiefs and try to dry your hair by your own means.

Ironing hair

Do not brush when dry

The only time you can brush your hair is after washing it to untangle it. Then, when it dries, it is not advisable to touch it with the comb or with your hands or fingers. This only serves to multiply the fat. It is also advisable not to brush before going to sleep. The brushes they serve are those of natural bristles. Clean your combs, wash them once a week.

No massage or touching your hair

It is common when we are bored, for example, touching our hair and that is not good if you have very fatty. It is not advisable to massage and when washing, touch as little as possible. If you are nervous or anxious, do not make curls in your hair , for example. All the grease and dirt on your hands will go into the hair and grease it more.

Home Remedies for Oil in the Hair

You already know the reasons why the hair is greased, how you can do to avoid it. Now it's time to know some natural recipes to eliminate hair oiliness:

Lemon juice

Squeeze the juice of two lemons And mix with two cups of distilled water. Put it in a container and then wash the hair make a last rinse with this mixture. Let it act for five minutes and then rinse. Keep in mind that this home remedy can lighten your hair. It is not advised to use it during the day, because the lemon stains the skin.


Horse tail

Boil one cup of distilled water, place two tablespoons of dried horsetail leaves and pour the water into a glass jar. Leave it to stand for fifteen minutes and put it in a plastic container. Leave it in the bath and use it as the last rinse.


Mix two egg yolks in a bowl with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply after bathing, with hair still wet. Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse. Remember that lemon can stain your scalp. Do it once a week.

Apple vinager

He Apple vinager Is very good to remove the oiliness of your hair. When you finish washing your hair, mix warm water with a stream of vinegar in a bowl and pour as the last rinse. The good news is that this recipe will bring a great shine in your hair.

Water of Witch hazel

You can get it in natural or dietary houses. It is a very good astringent to remove fat and can also be used on the face. Make a mixture in equal parts with water Witch hazel And distilled water and throw in the hair as the last rinse.

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