How to use and prepare onion juice to grow hair and prevent its fall

Thousands of people around the world suffer from alopecia, ie, hair loss. Other hundreds suffer every day when the hair does not grow or is very fine and brittle. A good home remedy to avoid these situations is the onion juice. Learn more in the following article.

Hair loss and weakness

While losing between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day is considered as normal, alopecia has become a problem and cause of medical consultation for millions of people. There are many reasons why hair falls, such as stress and lack of protein and vitamins due to insufficient diet.

Hair loss can affect people's self-esteem and everything becomes a"vicious circle,"as more worry and depression, more strands come off the scalp. There are many natural remedies to prevent alopecia and hair Fragile and brittle. One of the most effective is the onion.

Onion for hair fall

It is a natural, safe and effective method, without side effects (beyond the smell of onions in the head) or allergies, which prevents hair loss and, at the same time, promote growth. This means that not only will not hair fall, but it will grow faster and stronger.

You do not have to resort to invasive, expensive or chemical methods that damage the skin of the scalp and leave horrible the hair you still have. The onion is a vegetable with many properties and, in this case, will cause that when applied in several occasions, the"patches"caused by the baldness Are disappearing and instead begin to see young strands.

Hair loss

It is good to keep in mind that The onion is not a miraculous and magical element and that, in order to obtain results, it is also necessary to treat the cause of alopecia. Therefore, you eat more varied and healthy, try to eliminate the stress and the worries and rest enough daily.

Many people are skeptical as to the effectiveness of this home remedy for hair loss. However, it is worth noting that various scientific studies have shown that onion, and more precisely its juice, is useful for preventing hair loss, as well as other related problems such as dandruff , Or yeast or fungal infections. Some research also claims to prevent premature graying of hair.

What is the effect of onion to grow hair?

To its components. More precisely to the sulfur, that the onion presents in good quantity. When onion juice is applied to the scalp, it improves blood circulation, therefore, it is more likely that the strands will grow. In turn, sulfur has the ability to improve the production of collagen tissues, necessary for hair to grow.

It is good to know that hair grows from the hair follicles located in the scalp and it needs a good blood supply to be stronger. As if that were not enough, the onion has antibacterial properties to eliminate mushrooms And bacteria that live on the scalp and that do not allow normal hair growth.

Hair loss 1

On the other hand, The onion juice prevents thinning of the hair, gives it strength and prevents breakage . You can achieve a wonderful volume using this remedy.

How to Use Onion to Grow Hair

You should extract the juice from a couple of onions and apply it on the scalp through massages. As simple as that. For that, For two or three onions and cut into slices. Then place in the food processor or blender. You can also scratch it. You have to extract the juice. To apply on the scalp you can do it directly by hand or by soaking a cotton or gauze.

Remember that the smell is quite strong, therefore, it is recommended to carry out this home remedy at night or on weekends, or use a good amount of fragrance Or cologne to disguise the aroma.

This juice should remain for half an hour on your scalp. You can put a bathing cap or a plastic bag to better penetrate the skin. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and use a natural, chemical-free shampoo. Repeat three times a week and in two months you will begin to see the results.


Maybe you think eight weeks is too long to be able to have lighter hair or keep you from falling. Nevertheless, It is a long-term remedy, not a one-day solution that later has no more results. Therefore, it is preferable to go for sure although it takes longer than achieving the objective fast but for a short time.

In order to help the treatment, it is advisable to consume raw onion in Salads . Some mix the onion juice with a measure of rum, let it soak all night and the next day they strain it before applying. We can also use a non-alcoholic recipe, mixing the juice of 1/4 onion with a spoonful of honey. You can put it in your hair or eat it in the morning.

Do you want another recipe with onion to eliminate alopecia? Mix one tablespoon of onion juice with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Place on the scalp using a massage. Let it work three hours and wash as usual.

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