I did not know what I had, until I lost it

I was blind to reality. I did not know what I had, but all this changed when I lost you.

It was then that A slap of reality made me see what I had and let it escape , What I did not know to value and left.

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How many times have we realized that we had someone special at our side when we lost it. We are so blind that we do not value those around us.

Because, It is important to value what we have before losing it .

I did not know what I had and that's why I lost you

Actually, when we do not value someone, We know that person, sooner or later, is going to go .

No one should tolerate that another individual does not value him and, therefore, when this happens, it is better to grab the door and leave without looking back.

Woman-saying goodbye

The problem is, when that person leaves, the other realizes what he had. But, it is too late and, perhaps, can not recover what one day lost in such a stupid and easy.

Why does this happen? TO What is going on in our mind To"believe"that person we do not value will be with us forever?

When we are in pair, it is important that both members are there for the other. With this, The relationship is steeped in a sincere trust that makes it stronger .

The problem is when we hold on to this and we think that no matter what happens, it's always going to be like this.

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It costs us so much to admit that things can change, that the person you trust so much and that is always there for you will never go away.

For your mind does not happen the idea that one day this will change , But it is something that can happen, a possibility that we should keep in mind.

Maybe there's no turning back

When someone we have not valued is leaving, we will probably try to reverse. But, it's late! That which we have not anticipated, in which we have not been cautious, now plunges us into a great state of anxiety .


Maybe you can be lucky, that person you have not valued returns to your side, give you a second chance. However, he thinks that even if it is, it will not be the same.

You made a mistake, You have been wrong and this will have its consequences .

What should we do in a situation like this? Whatever happens, you must accept what you have done. It is true that it was your fault, but it is that, in this life, almost everything is learned by making mistakes and realizing our failures.

The value of accepting mistakes made

If your partner returns, do not make the same mistake again . Learn to value it, to respect it, to love it... and it is very important that you never assume that it will be with you forever.

At the least thought this can change, so keep it in mind!

People get tired, people go away

Sometimes it is not necessary to do something wrong or not assess To the person we have at our side. Sometimes, just, that person gets tired of us, our relationship, and leaves. All goodbye will be painful. , But sooner or later we must assimilate.


Accept the mistakes you make without blaming yourself for them . Any action you take will have its reaction. If you have not valued the person you had by your side, the consequence will be that person ends up leaving.

Repenting now will not do any good, because the damage is already done and, for better or worse, you can not give the rewind button. So Accept the situation, learn from your mistake and move on .

All experience will be learning, whether positive or negative.

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Have you lost someone? Have you realized what you had once you lost that person? No one is perfect and wrong is human, so look ahead, accept that you have made a mistake and learn.

Now You will know how to look around and value what you have today , Because you do not know if tomorrow you will still have it.

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