If love squeezes, it's not your size

Sometimes We did not hit With that of the sizes . There are times when you assume too many responsibilities in your day to day, you want to get to many things and you realize that your brain, far from being realistic,"uses a very large size."

However, As we mature, we become aware of what we can do and what we do not , We learn what deserves our attention and what is best left out.

Little by little We are more realistically adjusting aspirations with concrete realities . Now, when we talk about Affective and love themes , We must recognize that it is always very difficult to find the fittest, the one that best suits us and favors us.

There are loves that drown and others that favor us, that make us feel Happy and fulfilled . So tell us... And you? Have you hit the size of your love ?

The loves that take away the air

Wounds resilience

We can not deny it. We all like those relationships that leave us breathless and that Make us feel alive, filled with a thousand sensations and illusions .

It is necessary to take into account that this emotional cluster where the fascination, the desire and the absolute necessity to be always by the side of our partner Is very common in the early stages of falling in love.

After those first months or the first two years that the romantic love phase lasts, we begin to To live that mature and everyday love where the links .

At this stage, these dimensions:

  • Passion has lost some of its intensity and, even though desire is still alive, The complicity of the couple is especially valued . There is a kind of camaraderie where everything is remembered, dialogues, where there is harmony.
  • A phase begins in which they are going to settle objectives Clear The commitment already translates into the idea of ​​forming a family, of perhaps looking for a new residence, of finding an economic stability that allows the couple Make plans for the future .
  • The day to day life is lived with harmony, sense of humor and mutual respect. He Dialogue and commitment would be two essential pillars .

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How are the loves that take away the air and that we â??? tightenâ????


  • The love that squeezes and that takes away the air is the love that It hurts us . And, in spite of being invisible and not leaving us hurts that others can see, Emotional pain is the most destructive on a personal level. The one that most closely monitors our personal growth as woman .
  • The love that oppresses is That selfish love that gives priority to oneself and that manipulates us .

They are people who are vicitimized, who They make us feel guilty when we ask for"air" , When we ask to have our personal spaces or to enjoy our hobbies or social relationships.

  • Nor can we ignore that, at times, Guilt not only focuses on the other part of the binomial, but also we have, sometimes, a part of responsibility.

There are people who build All your life around the loved one , As if it were a small satellite around a planet.

  • We leave aside the family, the friends... We started To give up essential things that define us , By investing them in the person we love. We construct toward the couple that toxic addiction that holds us down to take our breath away and our own essence.

We should never prioritize other people over our own needs Because, over time, our self esteem It will be like the thread of a puppet. Never get to this end!

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If that love tightens you, it's not your size... let it go


If love tightens, it is not a matter of changing sizes or "slim down". Never change your way of being, of acting, of feeling and of living To fit the personality of your partner and fit into your pattern.

  • You have your own size, your way of seeing the world and understanding it, where you have integrated Your values ​​as a woman and as a person who has learned from his mistakes and triumphs .
  • If the person who shares life with you is vetoing much of your way of being and also cuts off the wings of your personal growth, You must seriously reflect on your situation .
  • There are those who are afraid to leave their partner even knowing that brings more tears than happiness, for the simple Afraid to be alone, to stop having someone by her side . Make no mistake: sometimes loneliness is healthier than bad company.

Loneliness Healthy, free and helps us to get in touch with ourselves .

  • Do not be afraid to leave that dress that oppresses you and takes your breath away. It is normal not to hit occasionally "With that affective cares" . It is difficult to find The ideal person that fits with each of our needs , That fits with our projects, that harness our fears and orle our life with sincere joys.

However, that quest is something that is always worth it.

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