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Throughout your life you will have to give up many people Which have been in it before, but which now bring you nothing. This often happens when you no longer care about someone and you leave behind all those people you no longer care about.

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We know it is an important and painful sacrifice, a very difficult renunciation that will bring you down the path of bitterness. But, if you do not care anymore, why keep trying something that will be useless?

Start to value yourself and leave without fear To look back .

I have stopped being important, what do I do?

When you stop being important to someone who continues to be for you, you may enter"panic mode"and that stress and anxiety begin to take over.

But it's all about striving for Keep calm and look at the situation from a different perspective .


The situation that you are experiencing right now is experienced by thousands of other people and possibly when you recognize this problem in the rest you think it is not so much.

The truth is that the fact of finding ourselves so bad and so unhappy is the fault of the feelings And emotions that still cause us that person that we do not care anymore.

We would lie if we said that when you no longer care about that person nothing happens, because the truth is that one of the two people, if not both, suffer.

However, Accepting this situation is the best you can do Because it's worse not to let someone who you've stopped caring for.

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This situation happens a lot in relationships, when one of the members is disillusioned or simply suffers from lack of love. The fear of being alone or of feeling without that person who has been accompanying us for a large part of our lives gives us a terrible fear.

Signs of emotional distancing

If you find yourself immersed in a relationship, you may think that if at any point you stop caring about that special person, you would know. Nothing is further from reality.

Sometimes, this distance does not occur physically .

Person you no longer care about

That is why it is important to take into account all the signs that we will mention below and that will give you clues as to whether your partner is distancing herself emotionally from you.

In this way, you will know and will not be so surprised:

  • You have long ceased to be a priority for that person , Perhaps because their interests and goals no longer coincide with yours.
  • You begin to experience feelings of loneliness and abandonment because your partner no longer cares about your needs.
  • You are the only person of the two who gives everything for the relationship: your partner is only dedicated to receive.
  • Your partner does not consider your criteria and ideas And begins to make decisions for the two without taking into account and for their own benefit.
  • Start humiliating yourself, criticizing yourself and distancing yourself from yourself for no apparent reason. The relationship suddenly becomes a real ordeal.

5 things you should not allow in your relationship

Even if you resist, you have stopped caring for that person you still want, but who is now making life impossible and making you feel guilty.

He does not leave you, but neither does he leave, which confuses you and places you in a rather complicated and painful position.

Renounce that person out of respect for you

When you find yourself in a situation like this it is painful to give up your partner, but totally necessary. Valórate and do not sink Nor allow the way your partner is taking you apart.


It's not your fault that she does not care anymore and it's not your fault that she does not have the courage to tell you clearly that emotionally she no longer feels connected to you.

Gather all that value you still have and go . It will be one of your best decisions.

This will not be the first or last time someone important in your life leaves, but it is critical that you accept The fact that people come and also leave . Both in a brave and cowardly way, sooner or later they move away.

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If you do not care about someone, do not strain yourself and do no more harm by trying to tie the ropes of a relationship that the other person has already broken. It will be useless to fight for what is already broken.

It is time for you to collect all your pride and embark on a new journey.

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