Inflamed liver: symptoms and proper diet

The inflamed liver Is a fairly frequent disorder. It is what is medically known as hepatomegaly. This essential organ suddenly acquires an enlargement outside its limits.

It causes pain and requires a treatment that our doctors will consider according to our case. But what are your symptom More obvious What diet can we follow at home to supplement medical recommendations? We'll show it to you below.

Symptoms of an inflamed liver


Would you know where you are? liver ? It is simple: its lower edge is situated right up to the lower side of the ribs, on the right side.

If the liver is in Normal situation Stable and in its usual size, we will not notice it when we place our fingers below the edge of the ribs (unless we breathe, for example, very deeply). Normally in the examinations that doctors make, they immediately Liver is inflamed or not. If they are, you will notice their presence right in this part of the body.

But what about us? what symptom Can we notice in our day to day? It should be noted that liver problems can initially be asymptomatic, so we will not notice. However, little by little the following dimensions will be more evident:

1. The pain

The pain of liver Swollen is usually quite dull, incisive and annoying. It appears gradually and reaches increasing intensity. The annoyance centers Right on the right side , Remember: always on the right and on the upper side of the abdomen.

It can reach the lumbar area, that is, focus on the same side but also on the back . You will notice it as a kind of very pronounced fatigue that never goes unnoticed. If you take analgesics, you can see that the relief will only be momentary.

2. Nausea and malaise

We can lose our appetite. Meals with excess fat, with meats and many seasonings or flours, we find very difficult to digest. We notice how after eating, the fatigue is more pronounced and we get nausea, dizziness.

Doctors also tell us, in addition, that the symptoms of Tiredness and malaise tend to be more pronounced in the mornings . We must remember that our liver, like the lymphatic system, exercises its purifying functions, especially at night.

As the liver is inflamed can not perform optimally, which, you will see how mornings are usually that part of the day that we find it hardest to face.

3. Fever

Having a few tenths of fever You should put us on the alert. It is a sign of an infection, an alteration in our body that needs medical attention. Never forget that Fever is a natural reaction Of our body to defend itself against some strange element.

Go to the doctor to find out the source and cause of that inflamed liver.

4. Jaundice

Jaundice is a coloration Yellow on the skin, which may also appear in our eyes. It is one of the most obvious symptoms that there is a problem, an alteration in the functioning of our liver.

But where does that yellow color come from? Of the Bilirubin , A byproduct of the old red blood cells, an obvious response that our liver is not purifying as it should. That they are accumulating elements that must be expelled from our body.

5. Fecal anomalies

It is not always pleasant to pay attention to those times when we are in the bathroom. But it's worth taking a few seconds to take care of the color of our urine, our feces. They say a lot about our health.

If they suddenly present A whitish color, tell your doctor . It may be due to an illness that your doctor will determine. It can be a virus or a hepatitis, and from there it can lead to inflammation of our liver. It is a possibility, but always remember to have the medical evaluation.

Diet to treat inflamed liver


  • One tablespoon in the mornings of Olive oil with a little lemon juice : Something curative and really medicinal to treat liver diseases. It acts as a tonic, protective and revitalizing liver. Day by day, it will reduce inflammation.
  • Water of artichokes with lemon juice . An ideal treatment for every day. Do the cooking of two Artichokes . Add the juice of a lemon to the resulting water. You should get at least 3 or 4 glasses of water, enough to go drinking all day long.
  • Beet salad with carrot rallad to. Delicious, healing and a natural cocktail of vitamins and minerals very suitable to treat your inflamed liver.
  • Infusions for each day: Do you know which are the best medicinal plants for our inflamed liver? The thistle and the dandelion . You can take both each day, at breakfast and after your lunch. Drink them slowly, calmly using if you want some natural sweetener such as honey. You know that milk thistle is available in your natural stores, both in infusion and in tablets. An option always suitable for our inflamed liver.

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