Inflamed pancreas: symptoms you should know

Suffer from Inflamed pancreas, Is quite common in our day. It should also be noted that, according to doctors, it often affects women more than men. That is why today, in our space, we want to offer you all the data about pancreatitis, so you have it in mind. For your health.

1. Why do we sometimes suffer from inflamed pancreas?

pancreas How you remember, the pancreas Is that organ located just behind the stomach. Its function is very special and important: it produces enzymes and chemicals so that we can do the digestions better, not forgetting that it is involved in the synthesis of insulin.

It is true that there are many people who, today, lead a life more or less normal Without pancreas . However, they must receive a continuous treatment with which to replace the lack of such hormones and enzymes in order to continue to perform our basic functions.

It is essential therefore not to have to reach this end. It pays to take care of us every day. But why does a time come when we suffer Pancreatitis ?

  • Suffer from Gallstones . Is a classic trigger that we must take into account.
  • Achieve an incorrect diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits.
  • Have a very weak immune system.
  • Suffering metabolic problems.
  • Have high levels of triglycerides in blood.
  • Make continued use of some medications.
  • Have suffered a previous injury to the pancreas.
  • Different types of diseases like Reye's syndrome or Kawasaki's disease (although they are not very common)

2. Symptoms of inflamed pancreas that you should know

Pains that we must bear in mind

The pains can appear unexpectedly or little by little, to the point that our daily activity is limited and affected by other symptoms that accompany these discomforts:

  • Very strong pain in the abdomen that resembles a considerable burning and that focuses just On the left side And under the ribs. This is the main focus, but usually radiates to the entire abdomen like a very hot plate.
  • The pain is more acute after eating, just when we are doing the digestion.
  • This discomfort can even rise up the ribs to the back And shoulders. When you do this to these areas, it is common to feel nauseous.
  • The pain tends to become more acute when we lie on our backs. The reason? The stomach oppresses the inflamed pancreas.


Nausea and vomiting

They usually occur mainly After meals . It is the moment in which the pancreas must begin to synthesize those enzymes that will allow us Start digestion properly , But such inflammation prevents it.

At times and during the early stages, many people confuse it with simple indigestion. However, when this discomfort is persistent, we must turn on our"alarm pilot"and consult with the doctor.

Tired woman

Daily headaches

We must bear in mind that when our Pancreas is inflamed , Our immune system weakens. This weakness translates into the following aspects that you must take into account:

  • Headache , Headaches Which, although not very strong, are a daily constant. A kind of aura that causes dizziness and dry mouth.
  • The fatigue is also very common. The alteration caused by an inflamed pancreas affects our whole body: digestions become complicated, we do not get enough nutrients or vitamins and this, in the short term, will lower our defenses. It is a high risk.


3. How can I take better care of my pancreas?


Before reaching a pancreatitis or any ailment related to this organ, it is worth it that, daily, we take care of a little more. And we assure you that it costs nothing. What's more, if you do, you'll be taking care of your overall health and you'll get better quality of life. Take note:

  • Say no to tobacco. If it is your case, it is a great step that you will do for the sake of your health in general. You will gain in wellness and you will be able to prevent really serious diseases that no one deserves. Shall we start that cigarette today? Excellent!
  • Say no To sugar And to refined flours. They are great enemies of our pancreas and most of our organs. We know that sweeten our lives and make our meals more pleasant, but day by day are causing silent havoc in our body. Not worth it.
  • Say yes to eat a little better: Ideally, do not consume large amounts of food at one time. Better distribute your meals and make 5 a day, in small amounts. It is important that you do not have precooked foods and red meat. Remember that vegetables such as cabbage broccoli Are ideal for preventing inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Say yes to natural juices. There is nothing more suitable in our day to day. The smoothies of papaya, aloe, Water of artichokes, Mango, cabbage, carrot or the always excellent beetroot. You dare?
  • Say yes to fiber. Every day, and especially in your breakfast, the foods rich in fiber are perfect to start the day.
  • Say yes to take care of your weight. The obesity Not good at all. It's not about looking for that perfect figure without an ounce of fat. Absolutely. It is about being in our"weight", in a perfect balance where there are no excesses and where there is no risk of suffering diseases associated with the obesity. It is worth doing a small daily effort for the sake of our health.
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