Is it good to drink water while eating?

There are two opposing positions in relation to the question of"Is it good to drink water while eating? While it is true that we can not live without this liquid and that our body is formed largely of water, also consuming it while we ingest food could interfere with the digestive process. Find out the answer to this question in the following article.

Water, that indispensable liquid

We all know the benefits of drinking water, such as eliminating toxins, hydrate the organs, transport minerals to the cells and help in all metabolic processes. Thus It is recommended to consume between two and two and a half liters per day.

For some time, there has been a debate about whether or not it is good to drink water while we are eating. Does it serve to lose weight or not? Do you modify the process of digestion ? Does it hold us more liquid? There are many preconceived myths and ideas regarding this topic and others about food.

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To begin with, water is consumed when it is consumed and as long as it is single, it has no calories. If we drink water before lunch or dinner, the stomach will fill and that will make us eat less, but we will not be Thinning .

A study of the American Chemical Society of Boston Said that those who drank two glasses of water before eating consumed between 75 and 90% fewer calories. This is because the water quenched its hunger or because sometimes we believe that we have appetite when in fact it is thirst.

Another belief is that drinking water at meals will cause fluid retention. Experts say that this is false, because the opposite happens. Drinking water stimulates kidney function And helps us balance the body's water levels, no matter what time it is or what we are doing.

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In the case of dissociated diets, which prohibit drinking water at the same time that we eat carbohydrates, they indicate that it is because digestion is difficult. This measure must be fulfilled in the dishes and entrees that include potato, bread, rice White and pasta. It is insisted that these foods"swell"with water and so they inflame the belly and make us look fatter.

Questions and answers on the relationship between water and food: another point of view

As we said at the beginning, there are voices for and against against whether it is good or bad to drink water when you eat. In this case, it is claimed that it is not beneficial, as cold water solidifies the oily matter, which interrupts or delays digestion.

What happens in the body when drinking cold water when eating?

When water dissolves and the intestine absorbs it, it quickly transforms into adipose tissue, which means that food becomes fat that goes directly to the arteries. If this is maintained over time, it can lead to cholesterol or Heart problems .

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What is the reaction that is triggered during the process?

The stomach is designed to produce acids that help the digestion of food so that they assimilate properly. Everything depends on the digestive system of each person.

However, when we ingest cold water, the acids settle down, weaken and take longer to degrade food.

Is it better to drink water before or after eating?

What is advised is to drink before food , So that the liquid protects the walls of the stomach. However, keep in mind that water is better at room temperature or lukewarm than freshly taken from the refrigerator or with ice cubes.

Cold water raises the pH of the organism (it makes it more alkaline), which makes the gastric mission difficult.

Is it the same if we drink juices or sodas instead of water?

In these cases, both drinks fulfill a more radical function for our stomach, since they dilute the gastric juices and also alter the digestion. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink Juices Industrial or soft drinks, either before or during or after the meal. Actually, it is best to pass the food without ingesting liquids.

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When and how to drink water?

The recommended amount is at least eight glasses during the day, outside of the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). At night, it is good to consume two or three glasses of water in the space of an hour and wait 30 minutes until dinner, and during the day is recommended Drink water every thirty minutes, especially in summer And although we are not thirsty.

The debate over whether it is good to drink water while eating or not is still standing because there are not many studies that support one theory or another. Then, everything will depend on our organism and how we feel according to the habit we have. If we drink water while we eat and feel heavier even though our menu has been light, perhaps it would be good to change habit.

If, instead, we drink nothing and realize that it takes time to do the digestion, then, A glass of water at the end of the meal would not come at all bad.

Some people recommend eating dessert before eating. Sure, consume one fruit Such as a pear or an orange one hour before lunch or dinner, and thus, we will have less appetite. At the same time we will not stop moisturizing ourselves by the water that has the fruit.

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