It is not who loves you, it is who shows it to you

Surely, at this point in life, you know very well that It is not the same to feel affection as to know how to prove it . There are people who do not have affective strategies and who, even though they love , Are unable to prove it. Or worse, they prove it wrong.

This sensation, that of not feeling correspondence, of not seeing any sign of that affection in the day to day still existing, creates great voids and malaise.

And, believe it or not, many couples are just distancing themselves Not because love fails, but because patience ends . Did you ever happened? Let us reflect today on this in our space.

Whoever loves you must show it

It is not necessary that they give us castles, that they show us heroic acts or that they are forced to tell us at any moment how much they love us. In fact, the curious thing about this situation is that They can love us without expressing it, and on the contrary : They can express to us how much they want us without really wanting us.

  • The key is sincerity And, above all, that we perceive it as integral, as authentic.
  • Receiving and expressing affection is part of our affective health and, therefore, also has its implication in the Physical Health .
  • We can not force anyone to"show us how much he loves us." People need that spontaneity that comes from small details. The magic that is not planned, that only happens. Feeling that authentic reciprocity that nourishes us so much, that so reassures us.

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Love, affection and love can be demonstrated in many ways . However, they must all be meaningful to us and be useful to us. Some people fall into the error of think That"their way of wanting is the only one that exists,"regardless of what the other person needs.

Bottle with hearts

There are those who do not feel good giving hugs, caressing, and who does not even use kind words. Their way of showing love may be for them or them to go to sleep at home, to give gifts or"just to be".

Now, it is not enough just"to be present". Sometimes, there is no worse loneliness than having a person next to us who, even loving us, is unable to prove it.

And each of us has a need for care, recognition, intimacy and passion that is the basis of a healthy, stable and happy . If there is no recognition, if there are no daily signs of affection, the relationship cools.

The Importance of Emotional Expression

Whoever wants something usually deploys a series of strategies to achieve its goal. Now... What happens when you get what you dreamed? That is the real question.

When we reach a very precious asset, we must take care of it.

And not everyone knows how to care for, care for, create links, or offer spaces for personal and couple growth. It is clear that none of us know everything about human relationships but, as far as love is concerned, We should know that it is necessary to offer what one needs.

  • If you want to be valued, start Valuing yourself To others.
  • If you like to be recognized by the people you love, recognize them first.
  • If you want to be loved, show a true love to those around you.

The complex of this reality is that many people lack a true knowledge of themselves. Immature people, who do not have adequate emotional management or who are not clear about their values ​​or needs, tend to project their own unacknowledged shortcomings to others.

And that's where the problem is. Now let's see how the person who loves you deserves everything you deserve, and what a couple deserves to maintain a stable and happy commitment.

Night with stars

The admiration

Our companion, our companion, must be that person who, besides our accomplice, friend and lover, stands as a being that we admire and respect. In turn, he or she must also prove the same to us.

We admire our partners because they are people capable of enriching our lives And that is why we have chosen them.

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The sincere affection that is inscribed in the small details

Whoever loves you must show it every day in the simplest forms, without artifice and free form. We must also worry about those little details That build life, and what really matters.

It is necessary not only to"be", but to demonstrate our presence with petting , With the right words, with sincere looks that hold and clothe. It is not so difficult. Nobody loses anything to show affection.

Unlike. All the love that is offered makes us bigger , More complete, more complete with ourselves and with the world itself.

It is worth putting into practice.

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