"Japanese"face mask to rejuvenate the face

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to rejuvenate the face? Obviously miracles do not exist, but what we can achieve is to bring to our face more luminosity, more tone, more elasticity. And an effective and simple remedy is to avail ourselves of this inexpensive"Japanese"mask. Do you want to know what it is about?

Benefits of rice to rejuvenate the face

Face Mask-for-the-face

We all know how much we regularly spend on Cosmetics, creams and treatments . Too much, no doubt. The curious thing about all these industries dedicated to the world of beauty is that they use natural elements Which are accessible to all of us. But obviously, they include and synthesize in greater amounts in those creams so practical that we usually try throughout our life, depending on our age and our needs.

In our space we have often spoken of such wonderful elements as The avocado, Grapes or aloe vera for our beauty, but today we want to introduce you a element so basic that probably you had not taken into account so far: rice. A remedy of Japanese origin? So is. A very traditional one within the eastern female world. We explain your benefits.

  • Rice is a good toner for the skin. It has an element called Inositol Great for slowing down aging, stimulating blood circulation and treating very well the overall health of the skin.
  • It is rich in vitamin B. You already know the great virtue of Vitamin B To take care of our skin, our hair, Our nails. .., stimulates its regeneration, its softness, its strength in front of external elements.
  • It hydrates, regenerates and reaffirms the skin. This virtue derives above all Of rice water , A very traditional remedy for Japanese women.
  • Anti-wrinkle effect. As we have already pointed out, the secret of rice to rejuvenate the face lies in the inositol. Corrects wrinkles and stimulates the circulation of facial skin, always so delicate.
  • It is a great exfoliant. It is surprising, but to these virtues we must also add the pythic acid. And what does this element do? Eliminate dead cells, Help us gradually to rejuvenate the face.
  • Removes acne blemishes. Again, it is the rice water that is part of this ideal treatment to clean our skin of foreign elements. He cleanses, tones, Decreases facial stains Caused mainly by acne. It is ideal to perform a treatment at least two days a week.

"Japanese"face mask to rejuvenate the face


Now you know that our mask of Japanese origin will have as Basic element rice. Rich in vitamins and rejuvenating elements, it is worthwhile to apply this remedy twice a week. If you wish you can complement this mask with your usual creams, it is therefore a simple way to profit from the mode Most economical possible. And we assure you. It offers good results.

1. What do I need to make my mask?

Our mask to rejuvenate your face will need the following elements:

  • 3 tablespoons organic brown rice . You can find it in specialized natural stores, what we are looking for is that it is organic, ie free of pesticides or chemical elements. In this way we obtain all the natural properties of rice.
  • A spoon and a half of distilled water.
  • Two tablespoons of avocado.
  • Half a tablespoon of honey.


2. How do I make my mask to rejuvenate my face?

  • Very easy, as you can deduce, what we are going to do Is to cook the rice . It is very small as you can see, but what we are looking for is that our mask is freshly made, where we can benefit from its virtues. So warm it until the rice softens, and then, Separates the rice from the water obtained . Reserve both.
  • What we will do now is to take the rice, and in a bowl, Add avocado and honey. Using a spoon stir well to create a homogeneous and thin paste. When it is ready, we will apply it on our skin.
  • Let it act on your face for at least 15 or 20 minutes . Then, when you remove it, take a cotton ball and Clean your face with rice water Which we had obtained and which we were reserving. In this way, we exfoliate and treat small spots and impurities.
  • As you can see this mask of Japanese origin is very complete, simple and economical. We benefit from the rice itself and its water. If you prepare this remedy twice a week, you will see your face rejuvenate day by day. Test it!
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