Jealousy: the opposite side of romanticism

We must be careful. There is no more destructive dimension in our Couple relationships That jealousy, we can never confuse love with domination, submission with affection. Jealousy is possibly The main enemy of a stable and healthy relationship . We invite you to know more information about the subject for your good, for Your emotional health.

Do you love more who feels more jealous?


The Love more who feels more jealous ? Absolutely. Who feels jealous loves worse and has the subtle ability to bring unhappiness, And above all distrust. If you have ever suffered a relationship in which jealousy has been constant, you will know what it causes: arguments, uncomfortable moments, mistrust, resentment, frustration and even fear.

We all know the consequences of living during Little or long time Along with a jealous person. But have you ever wondered what is behind these kinds of personalities? Jealousy is basically an emotional response , A reaction characteristic of every person who fears Stop being the epicenter of attention of your partner, Or other people.

Let us think that jealousy is not exclusive to Couple relationships . It is also very typical between brothers , And even among groups of friends or co-workers. It is when one fears suddenly losing"power,"or his ability to attract the interest or affection of those around him. But we better see it in detail:

  • Jealous people are insecure . That is its main characteristic. His most hidden secret. They doubt of themselves, and think that they do not have the sufficient capacity, attractiveness, strategies or even Personality traits Sufficiently remarkable, so that their partner, is always next to them. They feel that at the minimum opportunity, any person will overcome them, to be better. More fit.
  • Insecurity creates distrust. And distrust, in turn causes very negative dimensions, such as jealousy, aggressiveness, rancor, bad thoughts, and desires to dominate the other person.
  • Jealous persons have A low self-esteem to . They see others as rivals, as antagonists who at the slightest chance, will overcome them. They believe that anyone is going to take their partner, because without a doubt, they have better skills than they. The funny thing about all this is that they"camouflage"that low self-esteem With much pride. And yet a display of false appearances.

So let us return once again to the question previously raised: does anyone love more who feels more jealous? No. Whoever feels jealousy does not offer us love, but distrust. Unhappiness …Remember it!

Do not give in to jealousy, put limits

The love in our health

There is an old saying that says"jealous husband has no rest". But it is not only men who present the common characteristic of jealousy , We also show them. And no, it is not a dimension that heals over time, or that is easily corrected based on therapies or cognitive reconstruction. To make jealousy disappear, we need to work on self-esteem, self-confidence... and above all, realize that one has a problem. And that way of loving is not healthy.

Thus, It is not easy to change From day to day to the person with whom we live, and whom we love. So what can we do?

1. Do not give in to facts such as changing your scale of values, Or your lifestyle . It is clear that being a couple requires that we should make concessions from time to time. Give up certain aspects. But the moment we begin to give up aspects such as our friendships, our hobbies, our style of dress, our work and even our family... we will have lost everything. Do not let that happen.

2. You do not have to justify everything you do. Jealous people demand to have an explanation of everything we do: our messages on the cell phone, our calls, our outings, conversations, our looks... And that's not good. Little by little We will run out of personal space , We will run out of air. A very high risk for our emotional health.

3. Do not give in to emotional blackmail . You know that this can be a very destructive dimension. Jealousy derives from domination, and emotional blackmail is the most subtle way to execute that purpose. Skilful tricks by which they achieve their purpose and keep us tightly attached to them.

4. We must conceive the idea that maybe, that couple is not for a lifetime. No love should be eternal if instead of happiness, it brings tears to us. Never neglect your integrity, your emotional stability or your health for another person who causes you more harm than good. Not worth it. There are times that it is worthwhile to be alone, enjoying what we are, what we have and that inner balance where nobody hurts us. Where no one distrusts us.


It's worth bearing in mind.

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