Keep the air in your house clean with potus

The pot or potus, scientifically known as Scindapsus Aureus, is a hanging or climbing plant, very common in many homes, but two fabulous health properties are unknown. This plant cleans the air of the rooms where it is and also allows us to relax the eyes when we have congested or irritated in a very simple way. It also helps us treat and prevent cases of ocular hypertension, cataracts, or glaucoma.

In this article we explain in detail these benefits and how you should take care to make the most of your health.

Features and care

The potus has broad green leaves with clear spots that bloom when it is on the outside. To survive, you need certain conditions. It should be maintained between 17 and 24 degrees, so it is usually kept indoors . It needs light but can not directly receive sunlight.

The potus should not be watered too much to avoid rotting . If we want to reproduce it we can use a cutting or twig and put it in water directly until it takes root and then can be planted.

Potus quinn.anya


The poto should not be ingested in any case, since it is toxic. The properties that we are going to quote below are based on its benefits when we have it located in a room and on the other hand using its leaves without having to remove them from the plant.

How does the air purify?

The potus has the property of Clean the air Of the room where it is located of toxic substances like formaldehyde, which is especially in more quantity in rooms that have been recently painted or furnished.

Formaldehyde is a substance that contains, for example, the binding substances of wood furniture, and that according to some research is toxic and even carcinogenic in the long term, as it evaporates and we breathe.

As well Releases the air of benzene and carbon monoxide, So we can have it even in the bedroom, without risk of limiting oxygen at night.

In addition, some studies have also shown that Helps eliminate odors.

For these reasons we can also place the potus in the kitchen, the bathroom or the lounge, and even more than one plant to enhance its benefits.

In a short time we can notice a greater well-being.

Potus window

How do you relieve irritated eyes?

Many people have been able to check the amazing effects of potus in cases of irritated or congested eyes, Especially after hours of exposure to the computer, and even the effects it has to reduce eye strain And prevent, for example, cases of glaucoma The falls.

To benefit from these effects we must follow these simple steps:

  • Wipe the potus leaves with a cloth to make sure they do not have dust, always without starting them from the plant, since it will never be necessary. We need the plant with all its vital energy.
  • We will sit comfortably and support our eyes closed on two leaves of the potus, holding them with the palms of the hands and supporting the elbows on a table to be more comfortable and to avoid all type of effort or tension.
  • We will remain for 3 to 5 minutes in this position, with our eyes closed but not tight, letting them completely relax.
  • Then we will open them slowly and we will feel the clearest sight and the more relaxed eyes.
  • We will do this exercise When we feel congested eyes or every day a couple of times if we want to prevent diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts, or reduce eye pressure.

Neuroticcamel eye

A note about the falls

One of the early signs that can help us prevent waterfalls Is the greenish or silver color that the pupil acquires (the black circle inside the iris ). This sign is a sign that should alert us to go to the ophthalmologist and be able to treat when the onset of this disease. In this case we recommend, in addition to the treatment established by the ophthalmologist, apply the potus leaves two or three times a day as indicated in the previous point.
Images courtesy of neurotic camel, window and quinn.anya

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