Know the reasons why you may be losing your hair

There are some reasons why your hair may be falling and that you are not being aware of. Hair loss, sometimes, reflects some problems that we do not usually associate with this circumstance. However, knowing the causes will help us solve them.

Sometimes hair loss is totally normal. We have to keep in mind that we drop an average of 100 hairs a day . This should not worry us, unless the amount is exceeded.

Nor will it be the same amount of hair that falls on someone who has very long hair compared to a person who has short hair . We will also have to take this into account so as not to worry for no reason.

Reasons why your hair is falling

Next, we will see some reasons why you are falling hair and possible solutions, if it is in our hands to resolve this situation.

Do you lose your hair in large quantities? Do you have more than 100 hairs each day? So, maybe this interests you...

Stress causes hair loss

Many people who get stressed too much suffer from hair loss . It is a natural reaction that warns about something that needs to be solved already.

What happens if we do not solve this problem of stress or it becomes chronic? We can get to suffer alopecia or, even, present some that other bald spot .

Your hair is falling

Hair loss due to this reason It is not solved by using a shampoo to avoid falling, but by reducing stress . As soon as we do this and it is under control, then we can start a treatment to strengthen the hair and it will regain its density.

You suffer seborrheic dermatitis

The seborrheic dermatitis , sometimes, it is a product of the previous reason. Stress can cause our head to itch, we can get desquamation on the scalp and, in the most serious cases, there is even a wound because we can not avoid scratching ourselves.

This circumstance also causes hair loss. Because dermatitis weakens and affects the skin of the scalp, the hair follicles weaken , they become inflamed and are not able to grip each strand of hair properly. The result is that it falls and we lose capillary density .

The solution is to first deal with the causes that may be causing this problem, for example, stress. After, find the right product to eliminate itching and solve this condition.

After this, you can start a process to recover the density in the hair and that it stops falling.

Seasonal changes cause hair to fall

You may not be in any of the above circumstances, however, there are two seasons of the year in which your hair falls irreparably. Have you noticed when this happens? It is very likely that it will be spring and in the autumn.

Although spontaneous seasonal hair loss can terrify us, the truth is that we should not worry. It is something momentary that will not last in time and that has to do with the time of year in which we find ourselves.

Hair that is lost due to seasonal changes recovers. So we do not have to be alerted by that fall that seems to leave us without any hair. In addition, what our hair is doing is renewing itself, only in these times it falls more abundantly.

Hair loss

If we alert ourselves a lot because our hair is falling, we can go to the doctor dermatologist Tell us if the hair loss is momentary and we should not worry or if we have to start some treatment.

Sometimes, hair loss is the product of poor nutrition, hormonal changes, metabolic problems or, simply, the result of genetics. However, before making a diagnosis for ourselves, going to a specialist will always allow us to leave doubts.

Do you know the causes why your hair may be falling? Are you aware of what times of the year you fall more and in what less? Most hair problems can be solved, especially if treated in time.

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