Learn how to feel good in just one minute.

Feeling good does not have to take you a whole day, a week or a year. You can take advantage of different strategies that will only take 60 seconds for your life to change radically. Yes, as you are reading. Learn how to feel good in just one minute in the next article.

Change your life with one minute

You can literally change your life in 60 seconds if you are used to performing these 11 activities:

Reverse Your Negative Thoughts

Even if it seems strange or difficult. Instead of starting a sentence with a"no", do it with a"Yes". When you do not stop repeating or thinking something negative, it is easier to happen . So, just show up, change it quickly by positive thinking. For example, thinking"my butt looks great in these jeans"can be replaced with a"I love and accept myself unconditionally". This simple kind of change will dramatically change your internal chemistry and better things will happen.


We like-so-dance

Or make any fun moves, no matter what. Make it as if no one was watching you (or hide in the office bathroom). Any stressful episode of life will vanish. It is proven that jumping or dancing gives us happiness and distances the sadness. This is because the endorphins in your veins will be more lively and will eliminate the Bad mood . And if dancing is not your thing, you can make any kind of movement that you like, because it will produce the same results.


You can imitate Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or Shakira. As with dancing, singing will quickly increase the levels of endorphins that will make you feel better. It is a very powerful activity to change the mood, which also helps you to breathe deeply, Connect with music and have some fun. Sing in front of the mirror, in the shower or watching a music video!


Meditation will bring many benefits to your body and to you. head . It is a great way to bring calm and relaxation to your life. The best news is that there are a lot of different ways to meditate. You just have to find the practice that works best for you.

Speak affirmatively

As explained above, Affirmations are a great way to break a cycle of negative thoughts. Continually repeating bad thoughts whenever you find yourself in a depression will plunge you further into this negative emotion. On the contrary, when making affirmations, you will begin to feel better.

At first it will be a bit weird, but keep trying. Get rid of years of negative mental conditioning. Try to repeat affirmations while you are driving, washing dishes or standing in line at the bank. The habit of repeating positive statements is really nice.



First you have to establish a habit of internal gratitude, then take it to the public. Before you jump out of bed every morning or close Eyes At night, thank you for all the things you have, which are many! Get extra points for your happiness journal if you do it twice a day. You can even involve the whole family in this habit, for example, at the table before dinner or on the way to school in the morning. It's a great way to bond with your family and learn to enjoy what you have.


Visualizing what you want to do and get in your life is a great tool to stay focused on this goal. Of course, you do not want to spend all day thinking about the future, because things do not come alone, but it is also good that, at least one minute a day, visualize what you want. You will really feel in a good mood and your mood will rise in the clouds.

Laugh like a child

When was the last time you laughed and managed to get many people to look at you? Recalls that the laugh Is the best medicine in the world. The effect it has on the body is incredible, because it allows from healing to rejuvenation. Be sure to laugh loudly, at least once a day. Learn from the kids around you and have a lot more fun.


Be kind

With one minute you can change a person's life. Practicing acts of kindness at random is really good not just for the other, but for yourself. It should not mean too much time or too much money. It can be as simple as smiling at the bus driver or helping an old man cross the street, tutor a student, call a friend and ask if you can help with something, etc. These little moments of goodness will make you feel incredible and happy.

do what you love

He heart Is a muscle that needs exercise. We can get stuck in the stress of everyday life or take the time to do what we like, that fills us. It is not enough to make it from time to time: we must repeat it every day or several times a week.

You can choose a different activity for each day: Take a dip, sip a cup of tea Herbs Looking out the window at sunlight, walking in nature or reading a good book on the beach. Whatever is good for you, be sure to commit yourself to at least one act of love for yourself per day.

Connect with nature

Sport walking nature marketing deluxe

Mother nature is incredibly soothing and healing. A good connection with her daily can not only reduce your stress levels, get the problems out of your head and help you not to breathe Pure air, but also"returns you to your origins". You do not have to go to the countryside every day: you can walk barefoot through the park or have more plants at home.

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