Learn to live with some people and survive without others

Life is like a train trip . We stop at countless stations, people that we do not know rise, people we love, suddenly get off our train.

This is why we should Learn to live with some people And to survive without others . Because some will rise and we will have to know how to deal with them, others will come down and we must learn to live without them.

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Although we think it is difficult, Life teaches us to overcome these two situations Which we will see today in depth.

That is why we must put everything on our side so that, far from making us unhappy, we learn from all these experiences that we all must pass at some point.

How to get along with some people

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to live with some people , Because they do not share our values, they do not have the same point of view as we do about life or they just do not fit well with us.

In spite of this, sometimes we have no choice but to"endure"because getting rid of them is not an option.


Such people may be Toxic For us and can be found in our family or among our co-workers. In these two situations we can not get away and forget, it is not easy or feasible.

Therefore, we must Learn to live with these people in a healthy way , Avoiding that everything that can influence us affects our emotional balance.

You do not need to change seats every time a person bothers you. You must learn and accept others as they are, with their faults and their virtues.

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You may think that you are going to suffer passively, but this is not true. Accept those people with whom there is no Feeling Will make you a much wiser and more balanced person.

We do not always have to escape from that which bothers us. Sometimes we need to deal with these situations with intelligence. Only then will we learn and mature.

How to survive without other people

In life, it is not always a question of"putting up with"those people we do not know, but there is an even more difficult part: Survive without those people who need us so much .

Parents, couples, friends... All of them get off our train leaving a empty With which it is difficult for us to live together. However, the important thing is that it can be overcome.


The suffering that comes to us when an important person leaves our train, sometimes manifests problems of emotional dependence or serious difficulties to love our solitude.

Although a rather frivolous thought, We must learn to accept that people will get on and off our train . Only we will remain in it until life permits.

But why is it so hard for us to accept the painful situation that people get off our train? Because we do not know when they will, because this escapes our control And, as fools we sometimes are, We want to have control of everything and everyone For our personal benefit.

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That is why it is important to accept reality. It is clear that it will hurt and that you will suffer, but You must learn to embrace that pain to keep going , Because life goes on!

Think of all the good memories and experiences lived with them and continue your journey. Because, after all, we walk alone, even if we do not believe it.


What is the most difficult for you? Living with some people or surviving without others? The option you choose will determine what you should focus on to learn how to overcome any barriers or fear Which is not allowing you to be completely happy.

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In addition, he thinks that Every solution lies in accepting . Accept life as it is, accept others with their good things and their bad things and, above all, accept that we can not control anything except our own steps.

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