Life Pain Pills (Depression): Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Life pain pills: antidepressants. It may surprise you to know that the consumption of this type of medication is rising year after year. Moreover, according to several reports of the consultancy" IMS Health" , In Europe, has seen a rise of 20% since 2012.

What is happening? Life seems more complicated every day. People have more responsibilities and we have to combine the complex work world with that personal area, so it is not always easy to find balance and happiness. Now, the question is: Are they Antidepressants The most effective mechanism to treat depressions? Let's talk about it today.

"Life pain pills": Are they effective?

In recent years, a great deal of research has been carried out to delve into this question. Before the promotion in the Antidepressant consumption , Many medical entities have tried to conclude on whether or not they are really useful. These have been the results:

  • It all depends on the type of depression that we suffer. In mild or moderate depressions, Pills like Prozac do not give a result as"wonderful"as expected. Taken alone are not 100% effective, ie the problem needs to be addressed from more strategies than pharmacological strategies, such as behavioral and Psychological .
  • In the case of deep depressions, medication is essential. Now a person can not spend his whole life under pharmacological treatment. It is a temporary means through which subsequent therapies can be initiated, so that the patient, day by day, can recover. If we limit ourselves to using only antidepressants, we will only"camouflage"the real problem, and it is possible that this"existential pain"becomes something chronic.
  • Doctors tell us that almost 80% of people who go to the doctor suffer from what is called"everyday suffering", that is, minor symptoms of anxiety, stress Affective problems, cases in which the Antidepressants Are not always the best answer. We must also be clear that not all depressions are the same, that not all"the pains of the soul"can be equated. Each person is unique and will need appropriate treatment, but the reality is that drugs are not always the answer to that"existential pain."

Alternatives and complementary strategies to drugs

Depression (1)

Antidepressants, or "The pills for the pain of life" Are useful, of that there is no doubt. Now, they are not the only means to overcome a depression. It is like taking a painkiller to relieve headache without first knowing the cause that causes it: Is it perhaps due to stress ? Is it because we have eaten badly? Is it because of menstruation?

All suffering has a cause, and The drugs Are not the only means by which to solve that problem. They relieve us, there is no doubt, but in the case of depression, the main pillar to overcome it is the strength of the will. It takes note of the main strategies that we must assume.

  • The pain is only yours, but it is good to ask for help: Never limit yourself to taking only the antidepressants without expanding a little more the means in which to support you. When a person suffers depression Thinks that nobody can understand him, that no person can know what one suffers, what suffers. Accept the help of your loved ones, allow those loved ones who really appreciate you to come to you, also distancing those who only bring you suffering. Establish a"social economy", that is, open the doors of your heart to those who bring you peace and balance and protect yourself against any toxic person who only offers suffering.
  • You have the right to fall, but it is obligatory to get up: Today you are wrong, today you suffer and feel the darkness of depression in all its intensity. Now, do not let this state become chronic. Do not just take antidepressants to have a false sense of calm, because it is not real. You must be brave and assume what happens, what you feel inside. Speak to yourself, talk to others, understand yourself, understand the source of that pain, and then take it in. Once you understand, you must convince yourself that a life with suffering is not really life, it is a theater of darkness. It's time to get up And to rejoice.
  • New illusions, new ways : A depression is overcome walking, opening windows, looking at you in the mirror and pulling a smile on your face. He pain Fades little by little if you have new projects and you return to delusion with your life, to take new paths that, surely, bring you new happiness. We all pass tunnels of darkness in our lives, but behind that tunnel, there are new paths worth walking.

The pain pills of life are u But they are not the only way to overcome a depression. Psychological help, social support and self-will are essential.

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