Loves that do not know for years, wrinkles and time

There are Loves That last a summer, a year or an entire life . In fact, it matters little if the experience has been worth it, if it has brought us happiness and a memory to keep as one who keeps a beautiful treasure.

Now, the most enriching, the loves that nourish, that make us grow and take root inside and out are those that accompany us to those ages in which we weigh bones and years, but never time shared.

There are those who find it hard to believe that eternal loves, those of a lifetime, can really exist. There are, and these would be their secrets. We invite you to discover them with us.

The pillars that build the loves of a lifetime

We will begin by specifying an important aspect. There are couples who have a relationship of 2, 5 or 10 years and enjoy it with the same happiness as those who keep it for a lifetime.

In turn, some find their well-being and their balance in loneliness . By this we mean that in reality, Happiness has many roads and many faces , And that we do not have to idealize"the eternal loves".

Love lasts for what has to last, and in turn, will last if both parties invest time, love and efforts. Let's see what are those pillars that define the most stable relationships, those that continue to look with the look despite the wrinkles.

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It is not a question of"enduring", but of building

  • Surely throughout your life you will have heard that, in love, the most important thing is to know how to support, to give, to have patience And forgive.
  • We must be careful with these advice of popular wisdom that, sometimes, such poor results offers us. One must have patience, no doubt; We must know how to forgive, it is true, but All with balance and always taking care of our self esteem .
  • Loves that last a lifetime are not limited to"support each other,"to shut up and hide, to hide what they do not like and to lament in secret. It is not healthy or fit for our emotional well-being.
  • Positive and lasting relationships know how to build , Create bridges, reach agreements, discover things together and ensure that every day, you get to bed not with an anger, but looking forward to a new day to follow that project in common.

Old people embraced

The sincere concern of one for the other

A couple goes through multiple stages where crises are not exempt. Labor, family problems, times when we fall into routine and monotony...

  • Sincere loves that last a lifetime deal with personal bumps, because there is genuine complicity and mutual concern.
  • We do not seek our own well-being at every moment , he selfishness Is deactivated, not for the exclusive benefit of the other, but also for the common good.

I understand that if you are happy forming in your work, enjoying your hobbies and friendships, all that well-being also reverts to our happiness the one of the couple.

  • If there is no concern, if there is no interest in the other person or is shown with sincerity and authenticity, the link is lost. "He dies of hunger, of affections, of respect".

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The magic of doing things together

Happy couples are, above all, a great team . Little by little they are blurring differences, not because one yields and the other holds, but because there is a clear mutual respect.

  • One aspect that unites us day by day with more intensity is the pleasure of doing things together. Get up together, go to bed together, laugh together, have fun together...
  • If there is complicity and a clear desire to continue sharing things, spaces and projects, those couples will reach old age with the same affection.
  • However, one aspect that we must also take into account is"growth". Doing things together also means continuing to experiment and start new projects.

In this way, We continue to discover aspects of each other that further strengthen the bond .

  • Travel together, go out with new friends , Allowing both the one and the other to have their own hobbies and projects will also make us grow individually and as a couple.

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To conclude, we are sure that around you, you have that old couple that fills you with admiration for that love that still lives in his eyes despite the years and time.

Surely, they have gone through many difficulties and moments of crisis; However, they have fought for each other and for the relationship itself. They know that Love is to build, is to invest and above all to take care of each other.

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