Make your own decorative pillows

To renew some spaces in the home, no major changes are necessary. In fact, a very easy way to change the environment, is simply to give a new air to the cushions. How? Very easy, with a touch of ingenuity and a couple of materials.

The good thing about cushions is that they are pieces that can be easily modified, in a few steps and materials. Especially, if it is one-color cushions. The basic materials for renovations are usually the following:

  • Thread.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Silicone gun.
  • Permanent marker.
  • Elements to decorate.
  • Finite paper, type of tracing.
  • Cloth. There is a great variety of colors and texture (you can even recycle the ones you do not use).

Ways you can give your cushions

Since most of the cushions are rectangular or square, it is often a good idea to give them a new shape. To redesign them, we will need the machine sew to achieve a much more prolix result.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of the renovation to add more fill or completely change the one they had , to make them softer and fluffier.

How to make your own cushions

You will need a piece of cloth (minimum half meter) , needle, thread, a folio with the sketch of the design, a pair of sewing scissors, tracing paper, pins, filling material, pencil and ruler.

  • First spread a piece of cloth on a smooth surface. It can be the dining room table.
  • On top of that fabric you put another (of the same dimensions). One on top of the other.
  • Draw your design on the tracing paper. Then cut it out and attach it to the chosen fabric with pins.
  • You sew around the image. Try to leave a hole for the filling to enter.
  • Turn the sack of cloth that is going to be, so that the seam is not visible.
  • Stuffed with wadding or the material you want.
  • Once you have placed the filling, you close the hole.
  • Decorate to your liking

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Tips for decorating your cushions

Next we show you how you can decorate your cushions to make your home look renovated.

1. Wool pompoms

Wool Pompoms

As wool pom-poms are fashionable, the best thing you can do is include them in some of your homemade accessories. You can place them only on the vertices or around the contour of your cushions.

  • Take wool and roll it on a piece of cardboard, the size you want.
  • Take several turns and once you finish, carefully remove the cardboard.
  • With wool of the same color tie to the middle so that they are divided in two.
  • Cut at the ends where the wool was bent.
  • Arrange the wool threads to form the pompom.

2. Draw and decorate with buttons

  • Draw a figure in the center of the cushion. For example, lips.
  • With the silicone gun you stick the red buttons inside the lips.

You can make hearts, a cloud, a sun, flowers and use buttons of different colors. Your imagination can show off and give you ingenious ideas.

3. Cloth figures on the cushions

Cloth figures on the cushions

In this technique you will use pieces of cloth that you do not use to create the fabric figures of your preference. It is recommended to sew them in the center of a unicolor cushion to give greater feeling of volume and highlight the element.

4. Draw letters or phrases

For draw a large letter and you have perfect what you should do is the following:

  • First copy the letter in a cardboard. Attached to the cushion the sketch with some pins.
  • You cut out the lyrics, little by little.
  • You mark it around with an indelible marker.

If what you want to do is write a sentence:

  • Write first with pencil on the cushion.
  • Then you pass marker. Probably that's easier.

5. With beads

With canutillos

If you like brightness, this is your opportunity to give yourself a taste for everything.

  • Choose a design that you like.
  • It is better if you draw it gently with pencil.
  • Stick the combs over the drawing with silicone.
  • There are many shapes that you can use to decorate with beads or sequins.

6. Using tulle

To make a dancer, for example, you need tulle so that the dress is shown in three dimensions.

  • Draw a ballerina on the cushion.
  • You can paste wool to make hair.
  • With cloth You make the mesh and sew it.
  • Take another cloth you make the shoes.
  • Then you can use finite ribbon for the ties of the shoes.
  • And as a final detail you make a tulle tutu and stick it with silicone at the waist.

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7. Painting for fabrics

Painting for fabrics

It is not necessary that you are an experienced painter to perform excellent works on your cushions. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First of all you make your cushion with smooth and light colored fabric since, in this way, it will be easier for you to work.
  • You can make spots of different colors.
  • It's great to do these crafts with children .
  • The basic drawings are very good.
  • If you dare, you can paint landscapes, flowers and whatever you decide.

With simple strokes you totally change the aesthetics of the cushions and you can come to life in an environment that looked sad and colorless.

The most remarkable thing about getting down to work is that you will discover that you have fun and you think about something else while you leave your house more beautiful.

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