Make your own maths at home

If you do not have or have broken the one you had, do not worry. You can always make your own materos at home. You will only need a few materials and a touch of creativity.

Today the materos are an important decorative element . Not only because they show part of our personality but because they also make plants stand out much more.

Plants, whether ornamental or not, are the perfect complement to give life to your home. His care is basic and, having a good matero is also.

Why? because part of the function of a good matero is Allow the plant to grow properly and stay healthy.

It is essential to have materials at home, also called pots, these containers in which we usually plant our plants as well as serving as a base for the soil that nourishes them, can add an additional aesthetic element according to the design they have.

Plants bring life and color to your home

Plants at home that bring us health

In the market are varieties of materos or pots that you can find, but we want to encourage you to create your own mates. Why? because it is always good to know how to solve the incidents.

Imagine you have a matero with your flowers Preferred, that insurance has cost you to take care and maintain. For some reason or another, the matero falls and breaks, leaving the plant totally unprotected at the roots.

To avoid drying and dying, the ideal is to make a homemade matero. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you will save money. And even, you will have a greater satisfaction to have done something so positive with your own hands.

There are many objects that are left unused, so to speak, but look at them again. They are not garbage. Surely, in that second glance, something changed in your perception. This is what you should take advantage of to give it a second chance. Let's do it!

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Implements or tools that you will need

Making your own materos is an easy project. Therefore, there will not be many tools that you will need. In fact they are implements that are in every home.

In some cases, only one brush and paint will suffice. Everything will depend on how ambitious your idea is. Among the most common tools you might need are:

  • Scissors.
  • Hammer.
  • Brushes
  • Paintings
  • Pliers or pliers
  • Some nails.
  • Creativity and disposition.
  • A clean and clear surface (work desk).

How to make your own materos?

How to make your own materos

The first thing you should do is select all the objects you can use as containers, containers or containers, because that will be the main function they will have.

Avoid limiting yourself by the fact that things have to have a specific aspect, because you can not imagine what creativity and ingenuity have done about objects that were never thought to be masons or pots.

Let your creativity fly! You can select any object like:

  • Cans empty
  • Old pots
  • Cups of coffee .
  • Plastic bottles.
  • Glass bottles.
  • Wooden drawers.
  • Rubbers or tires, and everything that you consider that your ingenuity can use.

There are no limits or rules when creating. Once you have selected the objects to use, clean them completely, inside and out, eliminating any contaminant residue from them. For this you can use water and soap and a piece of cloth or tow that you have at your reach.

Then it evaluates what modifications you will make in the containers that you will use as pots or pots, because the idea is to personalize them and make them give their best image.

You should also take into account the type of plants that you will plant in them, each one has its own characteristics and requirements.

Some are of abundant roots, others not so much. While others plants they are of superficial roots and others of deep roots, this will influence in the form of the container that you select.

With this, it only remains that you intervene your container, giving it the shape and color of your preference, you can decorate them with pieces of fabrics, ribbons, lace, paper and even wood, which you will place around your base or on the sides. You can also make them flashy pendants. You decide that!

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Security measures that you should always keep in mind


  • Use safety equipment to protect your hands and eyes when using a tool.
  • Always verify that the matero that you made does not represent a risk for your children, that does not have sharp edges or that is unstable.
  • If you make hanging elements, make sure that their supports are strong enough.
  • If you involve your children in the preparation of your project, supervise them whenever the activity they do does not represent a risk for them.

If you dared to make your own school, do not forget to take them Photography . Enjoy your creations to the fullest! After all, this is part of the fun of creating, renewing, reusing and rekindling spaces and objects.

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