Migraines with aura: everything you need to know

The migraine with aura is a alteration that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) and it is also called classic migraine. On the other hand, it presents similar characteristics to other types of migraines without aura.

Migraine is a incapacitating headache also known as migraine. This type of headache is characterized by the presence of an intense feeling of heartbeat or pulse in an area of ​​the skull.

Further, it is frequent to appear accompanied by vegetative symptoms (such as nausea, vomiting and sensory hypersensitivity). Sensory hypersensitivity is evidenced by intolerance to light (light stimuli) and noise (auditory stimuli).

In this way, the patient feels more relieved in silent places and with the blinds down. In addition, these people prefer to lie down in bed since they usually get dizzy or have alterations of balance.

Symptoms of migraine with aura

What is migraine?

Also, patients usually present a series of signs associated with this pathology. Among the most common we can point out or highlight:

  • Visual disturbances that appear before the rest of the symptoms of migraine. As a general rule they appear in the center of the visual region and extend over time through it.
  • Headache or severe headache.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Fatigue or muscle weakness
  • Numbness of the facial region and the extremities (especially the hands).
  • Difficulty vocalizing or speaking.

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Causes of migraine with aura

Until now the specific trigger of this condition has not been identified medical However, several studies have shown that visual hallucinations are related to an alteration in the transmission of visual stimuli.

Likewise, It can be produced by electric waves or chemicals that appear before certain environmental conditions or the patient. Among the most common factors we can mention:

  • Stress or continuous anxiety situations.
  • Exposure to very bright lights for an extended period of time.
  • Certain foods or diets.
  • Use of medications As a general rule, the use of drugs carries the risk of developing side effects.
  • Alterations in sleep. For example, insomnia or the inability to conceive sleep normally.
  • Menstruation. The presence of this medical condition increases the chances of presenting the disorder.
  • Genetic heritage. Patients who have a history or family members who have developed this disease are more likely to suffer it.

Diagnosis of migraine with aura

Origin of migraine

The corresponding medical team can carry out a series of medical tests in order to identify this pathology and discard others. For example, they can be recommended:

  • Physical exam. Analyze and check the symptoms that the patient may present and the regions that are affected. An examination of the eye will be performed illuminating it to check the inner part of the eyeball. It can exclude injuries or damages from optic nerve (II cranial nerve).
  • Other test s in order to obtain images of the affected regions. Above all, computerized axial tomography (CAT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain is usually performed.

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Treatment of migraine with aura

On the other hand, The ultimate goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms what the individual can show Normally, certain types of medications designed to try this pathology.

For example, analgesics, triptans, ergotamines, opioids, antiemetics or glucocorticoids . Nevertheless, its prolonged use is not recommended due to possible side effects on the patient.

Prevention of migraine with aura

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Currently There are several studies about the prevention of this pathology so uncomfortable for the patient. However, there seems to be no significant data in this regard except the personal experience of each patient.

That is, if a person associates the onset of migraine to the intake of a certain food. It is recommended that you avoid eating such food. But if another patient relates it to the presence of a certain smell, even if he avoids eating certain foods he will still suffer from migraine unless he avoids the smell that in his particular case is responsible for the acute crisis.

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