More than 30 wonderful ways to use baking soda

If we had to make a list of the elements that can never be missing in your home, baking soda would be among the top positions. This almost magical, very affordable and versatile product can help you in your daily life at home, both in cleaning and personal hygiene, as well as to eliminate insects or make everything simpler.

He sodium bicarbonate Is a white powder that dissolves instantly in water (especially hot) and to taste is salty and somewhat acidic. It has thousands of applications, is not toxic if it is ingested or causes allergies in the skin, but it can cause irritation in the eyes. Do you want to know what are the wonderful ways to use baking soda? Keep reading this article.

Most Important Uses of Baking Soda

Set aside cleaning products and other items harmful to your health and the planet and start using baking soda in your household chores, as well as personal hygiene.

For oral hygiene

Bicarbonate can be used as a home toothpaste, an excellent alternative to commercial products. It is a perfect bleach that also keeps the breath fresh, reduces tartar and prevents cavities. You can mix it with the usual toothpaste or use it directly to brush. If you gargle with baking soda and water you can eliminate bad smell and halitosis .

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In addition, it allows cleaning appliances, dentures, mouth guards and retainers. To do this, make a solution with two tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of warm water and place the object. It will remove food scraps and neutralize odors.

Beauty care

The bicarbonate is used to make a homemade deodorant, because thanks to its components neutralizes the acids of the skin and eliminates the bad smell in the armpits. Make a paste with a little water and apply. If you have dandruff, you can rub a handful of dry bicarbonate on the scalp and then wash normally. Repeat for six consecutive washings.

Another option is to add to the usual shampoo. It will help you in turn to have a hair Softer and more easily untangled . Finally, you can make a regenerating mask for your skin. Moisten the face and then cover with a layer of baking soda, very thin. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Be careful not to get in eyes.

Ecological cleaner for the home

The bicarbonate serves to unblock the pipes , To clean silver objects, to remove the fungi from the shower curtain (mixed with detergent and vinegar ), To clean the toilet (pour and let it act overnight with a stream of vinegar and in the morning a cloth), as a fabric softener (¼ cup per wash) and to remove the fungi on the bathroom tiles ( Dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda in ½ liter of hot water and wash with it).

Also good for washing dishes, especially pots and pans with food stuck (Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in the usual dishwasher and let it act overnight, then wash as usual), to remove marks on the walls and clean the furniture (pour a little on a sponge or damp cloth) , To clean sports supplements (four tablespoons per liter of warm water), to remove stains from oil And grease from the carpet or soil (sprinkle and rub with a wet brush) and to clean mattresses.

Eliminate odors

Besides the bad odor in the mouth, The baking soda eliminates the unpleasant aromas of the refrigerator (Places an open container inside), in plastic jars that have not been used for a long time, in carpets (sprays, lets stand and then shakes or sweeps), in shoes (made very little inside), On the towels and kitchen towels (soak with two tablespoons of baking soda and two cups of hot water) and in the dishwasher (half a cup before starting the cycle).

Likewise, Bicarbonate is used to eliminate odors in trash cans or recycling , To cool the closet (same procedure as in the refrigerator), to deodorize the car (sprinkle on cloth seats and carpets and after 15 minutes sucks), cat litter box (covers the bottom with baking soda Before throwing sand or stones) and the bedding of pets (same technique as with carpets).

Sodium bicarbonate

Controlling pests

If you have ants that will eat your roses or fill your kitchen, place a line of baking soda on all your doors and windows. If your dogs or cats often have fleas, or to avoid getting them up, mix them with baking soda and salt, scatter them on carpets, corners and where pets pass, let them act for 24 hours and suck.

If you want to stop the cockroaches, Make a half half bicarbonate mixture sugar And leaves in various places in the kitchen. And lastly, if you have orchards or potted plants that are attacked by pests and fungi, dilute one tablespoon of bicarbonate in one liter of water, place in a sprayer and apply as rain in the crops. You can also wash the sheets by soaking a cotton in that mixture.

To health

Vinegar and bicarbonate

Baking soda relieves the discomfort of mosquito bites and sunburn (apply a little mixed with water as a cream), relieves tiredness of the feet When you get home (mix three tablespoons in a bowl with warm water and immerse them), it is a potent antacid and eliminates heartburn (in both cases, drink a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate).

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