More than 5 anti-inflammatory skin foods

Maybe we suffer from granites, red skin, dilated pores or excess fat. It may be due to not only that you need more cleaning, but also that certain foods you are consuming are harmful to the dermis. To avoid this, pay attention to the anti-inflammatory skin foods that are listed in this article.

The care of the skin is not only related to aesthetics, but also to health. It is one of the most sensitive organs of the body and it is not enough to wash and cream, it is also necessary to feed it correctly.

What is and how does skin inflammation occur?

It is called chronic inflammation and is caused by a number of factors, such as stress Or lack of a deep cleaning routine. In addition, in a large percentage, the problems of the dermis are related to the feeding. Modern life leads us to consume more and more fats and sugars, caffeine and additives that do not do us any good.

This is because Junk food or fast food does not have essential fatty acids Omega 3, For example, which serve to reduce inflammation. The sedentary life, spend all day sitting at a computer or watching TV, problems and environmental pollution are a very dangerous mix. If we add that cigarette, the situation gets worse.

Darkening of the skin of the neck

It is good to know what are, in the first place, the foods that inflame and age all the organs of the body, including the skin. He sugar Tops the list, with its"capacity"to inflate the tissues. Then we have vegetable oils, such as corn or soy, that have a lot of Omega 6 but little Omega 3. Third, there are trans fats, that is, hydrogenated oils, margarines, fried foods and fast foods .

In the fourth place in the ranking of foods that ignite are dairy. In fifth place,"fattening"meats (which have antibiotics, hormones and few Omega 3). Next are processed meats such as sausages, alcohol, refined grains such as pasta, rice or bread and, last but not least, artificial additives and sweeteners (which are present in many Of the products we buy today).

How to desinflamar the skin

If you go to the doctor for sure, they will tell you that you should consume some pills or medicines for this purpose. However, mother nature is always available to us and to cure all our ills, especially those caused by poor food or artificial food. No ointments or corticosteroids, in specific cases, or abrasive creams to remove the layers of the skin .


A much more natural alternative is to add foods with anti-inflammatory properties to your diet. But not every now and then, but every day. Little by little, Removes everything that was in the section above and that does not make you at all good .

Anti-inflammatory skin foods are


This delicious tropical fruit contains very good nutrients, among them, papain, an enzyme with the ability to heal the skin and eliminate stains. You can eat it in fruit salads Or in cold cakes. You can also prepare papaya masks and apply on the skin directly.

Citrus fruits

Especially the lemon, because it has many properties to balance the PH Of the body, which translates into a more beautiful and desinflamada skin (among other positive consequences). Make a lemon juice and drink it in the morning, fasting. If it seems very strong, you can reduce it with warm water (same if you have stomach problems).


If your problem is the spots on the skin, Rub a slice of lemon into the dermis , Always at night, before going to sleep, so that it does not take contact with the sun (since it can leave you spots).

Blue fish

We have already spoken before the Omega 3 fatty acids And 6. If a food has much of the first, but not the second, and vice versa, it is not at all positive for your organism. Therefore, fish known as blue (salmon, sardine, or hake, among others) are the most indicated, because the amount of both nutrients is balanced.

This food should be consumed three times a week, In any preparation except fried. They metabolize the inflammatory substances that accumulate in the body and help make the skin look more beautiful and radiant.


Have you started to think that in all the lists of natural remedies the Garlic Is always present Of course! This is due to the thousand and one properties of this element, fundamental in your meals and also in your home pharmacy.

To eat

Raw garlic cloves are good for treating chronic inflammation of the skin. In addition to consuming them in your dishes, You can cut a tooth in half and rub On the dermis, or, cut it very fine and add to your favorite creams.

Herbal infusions

In fact, there are four spices that have anti-inflammatory capabilities for your skin. Take note: plantain, ponytail, cat's claw and chamomile . Make an infusion with a cup of boiling water and a handful of any of these plants, let it rest, strain it and, when it is cold or warm, soak a cotton wool, which will apply to the skin.

No need to rinse or dry: Allows the liquid to penetrate your pores and do your job . If the swelling is chronic, you can make a half-cup compress of any of the herbs wet with warm water and apply them directly to the skin, keeping them with a gauze for a few minutes.

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