Natural and economic repellents for ants

If we have a garden or a rose garden, we will know that ants can be the most destructive insect there is. When making a ranking of enemies of the plants would be fighting the first position with the snails. You do not have to use chemicals to drive them away from your park. You can use natural and economical ant repellents , Very effective and simple and, above all, homemade.

Homemade repellents for ants

If you are suffering from an ant attack, either in your garden or in your kitchen, pay attention to the following natural repellents:

Apple vinager

It is an ideal product to clean the house and also to keep away the pests. If the ants have entered your kitchen, clean the countertops, cabinets and floor with a mixture of Apple vinager And warm water (50-50 ratio). It will work because insects hate the biting scent of vinegar and can feel it much more than humans.

Chalk or talc

Chalk used for school or talc for feet can be two very effective home repellents to combat ants. Draw a line or sprinkle with either of these two elements by the place where these small but powerful enemies pass.

Lemon juice

There is no doubt that the lemon Is a powerful element that can not be missed in our house. If you have an ant attack, spray on the doorways and windows with some juice. You can dilute it in water if you prefer, although the pure fruit is so acidic it will confuse the insects on which path to take. It will also prevent new ones from entering your home.


Herbs and spices

You can sprinkle mint, cinnamon, chili powder, cayenne, black pepper Or clove in the areas where the ants have passed. Some indicate that the bay leaves placed inside the cabinets or drawers can deter the bugs from entering. The penetrating smell will not allow them to dare to pass the thresholds of your house. Be careful if you have small children or pets because spices can cause allergies or rashes if they come in contact with them.

Coffee grains

Once you have finished making the coffee, do not throw the granites or the ground. Sprinkle in the garden (especially around the roses) and in the outside of the house. The ants will be repelled by the smell of this infusion, neutralizing in turn of other aromas. That's why it's good to use coffee if cats usually do their needs on plants.


This aromatic herb widely used for teas and desserts can help you eliminate the ants in your garden. Spray essential oil mint In the frames of the doors and windows. The good thing is that your house will always have a delicious aroma and you will be free of insects. Another option is to make an infusion with a handful of mint leaves in a cup of water, let it cool, move to a container with atomizer and spray in the corners of your home. A third alternative is to assemble dry mint sachets and hang them on the vertices of the windows.

Citrus or cucumber peels

We have already talked about the properties of lemon juice as an ant repellent. You can increase the effect if you also leave the peels of this citrus, as well as orange, grapefruit or mandarin. The shells of cucumber Are very effective. They work because, when decomposed, they become toxic to the ants and, therefore, they avoid them.


Water with soap

While ants like water, it irritates them when they have soap, since they can not move freely. This simple repellent is prepared by mixing a few drops of liquid soap or detergent in Water . Place in a spray and pour in those places where these insects usually pass. When you no longer see them, rinse with clean water.

Aromatic herbs

In addition to mint, there are other plants that can help you as a barrier to prevent the entry of ants to your home. If you have a garden, do not hesitate to make a barrier with lavender, peppermint, basil, thyme, poleo, oregano. You will not like any insect or bird that wants to eat your plants, flowers or vegetables.


The shell of egg Split or sprayed and placed in the frames of the windows and doors will help that the ants do not enter your house. It can also be used to prevent them from entering kitchen cupboards.

Homemade repellent recipes for ants


  • Recipe N ° 1 - In a 250 cm³ bottle of liquid hand soap, place 30 ml of each of the following herbs: tea tree, rose, cinnamon, mint, peppermint and citronella. Add three large tablespoons of this preparation to every two cups of water and mix well. Place in a sprayer and spray the sites where ants are frequently found.
  • Recipe N ° 2 - Mix 1 cup of water (250 ml) with a large spoonful of hot sauce or chili, ¼ cup of liquid soap and a small spoonful of mint or peppermint oil. Place in a spray bottle and spray wherever you see the ants go.
  • Recipe N ° 3 - Machaca in a mortar a handful of Nettles . Bring to boil in five liters of water for half an hour. Let it cool and then rest for five hours. Apply on the roads and around the house.

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