Natural Treatments for Acne

First of all we must take into account that acne can be caused by many factors, one of them is the hereditary factor, which means that if one or both parents suffered from acne, it is very likely that the child also has this Tendency to suffer from this condition.

On the other hand, we know that the hormonal changes They can also cause some major outbreaks of acne , Although in certain cases the feeding can also play an important role in the development of this condition. For this reason there is no single treatment that eliminates or improves acne to all people, each has to be treated individually, since you must know what may be the cause of your condition and should be treated from the root of the problem.

A general recommendation for all people who have acne problems, is Be especially careful with the Food they consume , Because of the quality of food depends largely on the health, beauty and quality of the skin, therefore many of the problems of acne depend solely and exclusively on the quality of food, so it is certain that with a Healthy eating and some natural treatments to apply them on the skin, acne problems disappear very soon.

Recommended foods for those who have acne

Aloe vera

  • It is important to Foods rich in vitamin A, Which can be found in carrot, seaweed and, in general, in all fruits and vegetables of orange color.
  • Likewise, the consumption of vitamin C, which can be found in citrus, broccoli, cabbage and seaweed, is important.
  • You should consume milk of vegetable origin, such as soy drink, rice, almonds, among others.
  • Take aloe vera in combination with any juice.
  • Substitute sugar for honey or molasses as much as possible.
  • Prefer all possible Whole grains .
  • Eat plenty of salads with raw vegetables as well as cucumber, papaya, blueberries, grapes and avocado. Consumption of the following foods is not recommended:
  • Avoid refined sugars and white flour.
  • If possible do not consume milk, cheese and other products.
  • You should not consume sausages, fried foods, processed foods and also try to eat few meats.

One way to cleanse the body and thus improve the quality and appearance of the skin is to consume the celery infusion, which should be taken one cup fasting and another before bed. It should be taken every day for two weeks. Celery is one of the most recommended plants to cleanse the body and help fight skin problems caused by the accumulation of toxic waste in the liver and blood.

Topical remedies

Another natural way to fight against acne is by applying some masks, among which we can highlight the oatmeal.

Oatmeal is a natural ingredient that because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties has the ability to help fight acne problems in a truly effective way, as also being a totally natural product, does not cause any harm to the skin; On the contrary, it nourishes and leaves it soft and smooth.

Oatmeal Mask for Acne


Two tablespoons of ground oats, one tablespoon of powdered milk and, depending on the type of skin, you should choose the third ingredient among yogurt, cream or olive oil. If the skin type tends to be dry, the final ingredient should be olive oil or cream; If on the contrary the skin is fat, you should choose yogurt.

To continue with the preparation of the mask Only the ingredients should be mixed until a smooth paste , Which should be applied throughout the face, including the neck, performing a gentle massage. It is allowed to act for twenty minutes and if you have the time and possibility, you should lie down while the mask acts, then rinse with plenty of warm water. Immediately you will notice the difference in the smoothness of the skin. This mask can be repeated twice a week , You will see how the black spots and the granites of your face disappear.

This mask can be applied in combination with the infusion of celery and, in addition, heeding the food recommendations. In this way the results are much more effective and fast, in a short time you will have the opportunity to enjoy a completely healthy skin, smooth and free of acne.

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