New beauty canon: Tess Munster, model XXL

We are more than accustomed to the world of fashion or film bring us an image of the woman very slender and, sometimes, Too thin . Even going as far as anorexia. Photos retouched by Photoshop where they eliminate those curves of more, those imperfections that, until a long time ago, the world of the fashion did not accept.

News such as the one we bring today is a simple invitation to reflect, since it seems that things are changing and is something we appreciate. Can not To be beautiful and attractive A woman weighing 120 kilos? Do not they also have the right to leave in the magazines these bodies full of curves that culminate with a beautiful face? We think so, but also taking care that those Kilos Do not cause us any health problems.

Beauty and health should always go hand in hand . Today, in our space, we want to discover Tess Munster, a new supermodel proud of herself and what she has achieved.

Tess Munster, a weight model

Tess's life was not too easy. During his years in high school he suffered The contempt of his companions of class. Had to deal with bullying and, for a long time, hated his own body, that physical wrapping that prevented him from having friends.

He left home very early because sometimes the big changes are the only ones that can offer us new ways to improve and Advance as a person. And Tess risked everything by leaving behind that first youth so complicated, so negative. He was always well aware that his passion was fashion and art, so he was clear: He studied artistic makeup and styling, collaborating in numerous fashion shows as an assistant.

Soon she realized that she, her porcelain face and her pretty features had nothing to envy to those of the makeup models. So why not try it? He began to dress and make up With a fun Pin up style , To later, to photograph and to rise The images to your personal blog . In a short time, thousands of visits were received every day.

Model xxl

To the people He loved his image And, moreover, he adored the way he supported women. He encouraged them to love their bodies as they were, to extol their right to feel beautiful with their image. A face is always more beautiful with a smile, and a smile is happiness and a vital motor of self esteem . Tess Munster began to be a reference in social networks and fashion blogs. Photographers of prestige They lent themselves to be photographed so that their personal blog uploaded their images, so full of impudence and elegance.

Until recently, the opportunity of his life has arrived: Milk Management Is a firm of supermodels that just bet for this woman of 29 years that weighs 120 kilos. In recent years the XXL models are becoming a place of prestige among the world of fashion, as is the case of Candice Huffine, a model of big size that has played the Pirelli calendar.

Now it's Tess Munster's turn. And she arrives with force, because she is a woman of character who has made herself, with pride and imagination. He overcame the scorns he suffered in his teens and left the whole world behind, looking in the mirror and saying that There was so much beauty in it. And that beauty is not just a body Beautiful, but to show, with joy, imagination and challenge, the happiness to love oneself, whatever your figure may be.


We agree with her, with her right to be like any model, to wear a new canon of beauty that, so far, It was not so usual . We accept it, as long as your weight does not cause health problems. We must remember that just as dangerous is Suffer from anorexia like being overweight .

Beauty should always go hand in hand with health, But we certainly appreciate this kind of changes in the world of fashion. Hopefully Tess Munster is not the only one and that, little by little, women with real, healthy bodies and with the same energy and positivism That this young woman of whom today we have spoken to you by way of reflection.

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