Nocturnal joint pain: how to relieve it?

There are many women who suffer from Night articular pain . Are drugs our only salvation? We know that it is very difficult to solve these types of ailments completely, but we assure you that we can improve our quality of life.

We encourage you to put into practice the following guidelines to get a better daily rest, for your health and a better quality of life .

1. Find out the cause of joint pain

We can not limit ourselves, for example, to taking anti-inflammatories or analgesics without knowing before The origin of our night pains . Usually, people who complain about Night articular pain , Usually show these symptoms:

  • Tingling and cramping. Especially in the hands. In fact, it is the hands precisely the joint area that causes the most pain at night. Its origin? The carpal tunnel is a very common ailment that causes great suffering at this time of night.
  • Punctures Very painful for example in the hip, as if we also had a very hot plate that prevents us from sleeping in that part of the body.
  • Numbness and even stiffness Of some parts of our body, such as the shoulders. A nuisance that prevents us from falling asleep.
  • If we have done Some effort Particularly, at bedtime that pain suffers even more. This occurs on many occasions, for example, in the area of ​​the knee. If we have walked a lot, at the end of the day is overloaded to a very high degree.
  • In addition to the tingling and cramps, it is frequent that when going to bed Let's see that inflamed area . Swollen It occurs very frequently in the area of ​​the hands, fingers, knees, ankles...

In conclusion. Never self-medicate Or seek remedies on your own without having obtained a medical diagnosis. Maybe it's artitrtis? Tendinitis? Any kind of injury? Maybe bursitis? The first thing is for your doctor to explain the origin of this joint pain.

2. Cold-Heat Therapy


This remedy is effective regardless of the origin of your Joint pain night. Carpal tunnel, hip wear, knee... It does not matter. This simple strategy, put in an hour before going to bed, will allow you to have a more peaceful sleep. Take note:

  • We will get one Plastic bag with ice cubes. We will place it in that area where our pain is concentrated. Let it act for a few minutes.
  • Then have a Hot compress soaked with rosemary water . To do this, take a liter of water and drop 5 sprigs of rosemary. This plant is a great anti-inflammatory. If you do not have rosemary By hand, you can use lavender. Let it boil and store it hot in a tub or basin, where we will soaking the napkin.
  • We will be changing every 5 or 10 minutes. First ice pack, and then hot pack. That way the affected area relaxes, deflates, tones and"anesthetizes"enough to allow us to have a relaxed sleep.

3. Natural pain relievers


Nature can make us effective Natural remedies capable of relieving pain . And not only that. They also deflate, treat, purify and take care of our basic functions without any side effect whatsoever. But do you want to know what medicinal plants can help you in case you suffer from nocturnal joint pain?

  • Ginger : Take two cups of the infusion of Ginger root Daily not only reduces pain in patients with osteoarthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel or even tendinitis, but also improves the function of that joint. Studies such as the one carried out at the University of Miami (USA), tell us that ginger has anti-inflammatory effects similar to those of ibuprofen. So do not hesitate, one cup in the morning and another before going to sleep.
  • Nettles: Essential, must never miss home. The nettle infusion Is a natural protection that helps us to significantly reduce joint pain. You can apply it on the affected areas using a hot compress just like we did with rosemary, or we can have two infusions a day. It is very effective. It relieves pain and also gives us excellent diuretic and depurative properties.

4. Day treatments to prevent nighttime joint pain


1. Do not overload the affected area . We know that it is difficult, that you want to continue with your normal life and move as always. But if you suffer from knee wear, for example, do not walk for an hour at a time. Rest every 15 to 20 minutes. If you have a carpal tunnel, do not overload your hands; If your shoulder hurts, do not carry your bag with your arm. Simple things that will keep them from getting even more inflamed.

2. Morning pineapple juice. Fresh pineapple has an indispensable element to treat Inflammations . This is bromelain. It is worth taking a good glass of natural juice every morning.

3. Flaxseed. Another natural remedy rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for relieving joint pain. You can mix it with natural juices. With the previous pineapple juice or Even with orange , it is delicious.

4. Cod liver oil. Traditional remedy already implemented by our grandparents. But beware, no one can question their effectiveness. Because he has it! A British study concluded that almost 90% of people taking a spoon per day were able to strengthen and nourish their cartilage and reduce pain-producing enzymes. So do not hesitate. One tablespoon a day and your nighttime joint pain will be reduced.

Do we put it into practice?

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