Objective: to eradicate violence against women

Every day we open our eyes to the media to discover, Shivering , Which already exists One more victim. A woman who died at the hands of her partner or ex-wife.

Terrible feminicides that could have been avoided in many cases and, in turn, are a reflection of a society where something is happening. The economy and the industry are advancing, but it seems that many mentalities do not go the same pace.

How are these behaviors explained? Why is violence used to whom, until not long ago, was the person they claimed to love?

Incomprehensible acts that force us to reflect on a very serious reality.

Gender violence in our society

While is true that The vast majority of victims are women , We are aware of the existence of many men who, in turn, are also silent victims of different types of manipulation by their partners or wives.

However, the statistics of women who have died from the violence of their partners or ex-partners are already in many countries A social alarm that awakens consciences. It is a reality that nobody can deny.

It is necessary that all agencies act together:

  • Political spheres
  • Health care organizations
  • Security Services
  • The population itself

Everyone should work in a harmonized way to Offer support to any woman who is in danger of being assaulted in some way.

We are also aware that this problem has its origin in a deeper and elemental essence: in human sensitization, in education, in the transmission of values , And in a respect where it is understood that to love is not to possess.

That violence is not a language, not an instrument, not even an end in itself. Violence is the most irrational and punishable act of the human being, and A shadow that we must eradicate from our society.

It is very possible that you have ever heard the word"feminicide". This term encloses in itself many of those realities that we live in our day to day. No matter the country, religion or language.

It was Diana Russell , A feminist, activist and writer, who first used it in 1976 before the"International Tribunal on Crimes against the woman "In Brussels (Belgium), to explain the different forms of violence against the female gender:

  • It is the murder of women at the hands of men Because of hatred, contempt or sexually abusing them.
  • There is a background of misogyny, of machismo And the use of violence to achieve a purpose.
  • Violence is exercised over the life, dignity, and integrity of women.

We must also bear in mind that There are many types of aggressions , Where there is no need for a"death"to continue the violence of gender.

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We could say that many women experience today a"death in life", that is, Far from appearing in statistics as gender violence, there are millions who live in prisons of silence Without daring to evidence its problem. To report

These are the realities that they must face in the day to day:

  • The daily scorn.
  • The Emotional and psychological manipulation.
  • The annulment, the continued use of irony to undervalue women.
  • Physical abuse.
  • The control and manipulation of children To isolate the woman.

Education and violence against women: a key factor


Experts tell us that The problem lies at the very root of education . However, education does not fall exclusively and exclusively in the family. We are all"educating agencies".

  • The society itself also educates, and for a long time We have lived in the essence of a civilization marked by Patriarchy , Where implicit sexism, misogyny, the control by the man of the public sphere.

Meanwhile, the woman remained at that private level focused on parenting tasks.

  • In many countries violence against women is ratified By a legal context: marriages with girls are agreed upon, women have vetoed common rights as freedom of expression, dress as they wish...

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Now, what happens in societies that apparently defend gender equality?

  • The idea of The woman is subject to the man Implicit in many mindsets.
  • Some men exercise on the affective level a role where love is confused with domination, control and jealousy.
    • They do not know how to handle frustration.
    • They suffer a Feeling of inferiority Which translates into rage.
    • A Personality"disguised" Where the most irrational anger is found, or the inability to show empathy.
  • Sometimes, there is A legal vacuum Or a lack of means to provide safe support to women.

Experts tell us that sometimes domestic violence is done because one of the two members lived such abuse in their childhood, or saw it reflected in their parents.

Now, it is true that many of these things are not always 100% fulfilled, and that it is very difficult for us to understand or to predict At what point a man can react so disproportionately and incomprehensibly Against women "That says to love".

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What would we need roughly To eradicate violence against women?

The union of all the powers of society:

We must focus both on the education As in laws that articulate the protection of every victim, and offer a good social assistance.


It is necessary that both family and neighbors or co-workers support and identify any situation that makes suspect abuse. "An abuser can be our neighbor, or that friend who from time to time, mistreats his girlfriend."

We must educate our children in equality, in emotional intelligence

It is vital that we develop in them the capacity to feel empathy, to manage frustration, that a"no"should be accepted and not face anger, which To love is to respect in harmony without submitting , And accepting at the same time the personal freedom of the loved one.

Eradicating violence against women is the responsibility of all of us .

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