Only you know what you've overcome and everything you've let go of...

Life is a long and complex way to assume that Everything comes, everything changes and everything happens .

Now, as a brave woman you are, Nobody but you know what you had to overcome to get where you are now .

It is possible that your day to day life is not easy. That your family Have your good days and bad days, that your partner does not always recognize everything you do for him, that, sometimes, you wake up thinking that You will not be able to with your day

And yet you open your eyes to the world and you can with everything. You're stronger than you think, braver than everyone thinks .

You just have to believe a little more in yourself To be able to face all your difficulties with more security.

We invite you to Reflect on it In the following text. We are sure that it will make you think...

1. It is not stronger who supports more, but who is able to"let go"

At times we come to think that The strongest people are those who can"hold on"with everything . With work, with the responsibility of the house, the children, our parents, our in-laws...

All have their needs and, Sometimes we try to satisfy each of them above Our own needs .

And that's a good thing, no doubt about it. We offer all our love to those who are part of our social and affective circle But sometimes the balance is not compensated.

We may not recognize each of our efforts , The resignations we make, the concerns that we have to add to our...

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  • Load with your life lived, with your experiences, with your memories and with your own worries. Do not carry foreign pesos because then You will see limited your own progress.

If you have a family that dominates you, Puts knots in your freedom and that prevents you from following your path , Then, set limits. "Loose".

  • In life, we should not carry other people's pesos . Do not let yourself be dominated by the selfishness of others, by insecurities, mistrust, unfounded criticism...

Do not assume emotions or negative dimensions Because, in the end, you will be captive of your own enemies.

  • If you have one couple That infringes your rights , Which prevents you from being yourself, Reflect You are not stronger by"endure"everything that tells you, everything that suggests to you, everything that forbids you. Strong is he who is able to be brave and break with what hurts him .
  • If you have a friendship that puts itself above you, Who seeks his own interests and only requires when he needs something in return, think about it too.

Avoid accumulating weights that are not yours and, especially, Interested loads that, far from offering harmony to your life, bring you more worries .

No one is selfish to prioritize himself, For leaving aside that which does not make us happy. In your life there are basic pillars that you should never give up: you self esteem , And whom you truly love.

Throughout your day to day you will find many stones along the way. Avoid picking them all up and loading them on your backpack , Because then the weight will prevent you from moving forward. The stones are"let go".

2. In this life everything comes and everything happens


We've all been through those times when we wanted Things will arrive as soon as possible : That love, that trip, that work, that change of house...

Do not be in a hurry for anything, Life has its rhythm And we must be patient, adapting ourselves to that serene flow where no one is left behind.

However, time, in addition to bringing us everything we dream about, It can also bring disappointments, sadness, loss.

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  • As a woman and throughout your life cycle you have had to To face many difficult moments that only you understand , And that maybe even you only know.

We are all much more than we seem We all hide old memories , Losses left behind that still get us a sigh from time to time.

  • However, everything must be overcome. Why What really matters"is the here and now" , This moment in which you must be united to yourself, to what you want and to what you need, Without loading, as you know, pesos that are not yours.
  • In this life everything comes and everything happens, and remember: you must not have it Fear of the passage of time . What really should frighten us is a life not lived, a few years of emptiness And without experiences felt to the maximum, with their suffering included.... Because everything is learned.

Only you know everything that you have surpassed and the resignations that you had to do to be where you are now. Feel proud because you are and for everything you have achieved.

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