Osteoporosis in women: prevention and treatment

As you know , Osteoporosis affects women more . It is us who suffer from this chronic disease, where the bones lose mass, become more fragile, and can lead to deformities and high daily suffering.

Is there any effective solution? Unfortunately, at the moment there is not. But We can follow a series of strategies With which to alleviate their incidence and thus, obtain a better quality of life. We invite you to know more data below.

What are the risk factors that determine who can get osteoporosis?


As you know, the bones They are formed by Living tissues . Structures that change with the time since birth, acquiring density and strength as we grow, in our childhood and adolescence, until we reach the age of about 20. At that time we usually reach the highest peak of bone mass.

What does this mean? That the development of a person is essential in order to have a Sturdier, healthier and stronger as time passed. They are basic because a food and good habits of life, that allow us to keep them strong and with a good bone mass.

But you know, sometimes we suffer some shortcomings. Lack of calcium, fluoride or vitamin D. However, let us analyze now With details which factors are the ones that can determine that we suffer osteoporosis:

1. Risk factors beyond our control:

  • To be a woman: So is. It may seem unfair to you, but our nature, genetics and hormonal factors are what will determine that we can suffer from this disease, which in the long run becomes chronic and with which we must learn to live.
  • Age: A question of time, inevitable too. As we get older, we are more likely to develop osteoporosis. It's normal.
  • Genetics: Do you have a family member who suffers from osteoporosis? Your mother, your grandmother perhaps? If so, you have greater probabilities of suffering it. It is worth taking into account to be taking coping measures from the earliest ages.
  • The menopause: The hormonal changes it causes The menopause Make us also have an increased risk of osteoporosis. Also watch out if we experience menopause prematurely, over 45 years.
  • Physical constitution: If you are a small and thinner, there is also some risk of osteoporosis.


2. Risk factors that we can control:

  • One risk that we must keep in mind is that it is essential Always take care of our calcium and vitamin D levels.
  • Avoid alcohol , And even fizzy drinks. These soft drinks that we like so often are highly decalcifying.
  • Do you smoke? Then start releasing yourself today from That habit so unhealthy.
  • Beware of eating disorders like anorexia . If we suffer from it for very long periods, our bones will notice.
  • Having low levels of estrogen or testosterone Also determines the occurrence of osteoporosis. And also with our thyroid, these irregularities also cause a decrease in bone mass.
  • Also take care of medications such as corticosteroids , Since those treatments for inflammation taken over many years can cause many problems. The same goes for medicines for heartburn. What they also do is reduce calcium absorption and cause osteoporosis. Take them with balance, never abuse them!

How can I treat osteoporosis?

Pumpkin seeds Food Thinkers

We have to make some aspects clear first. Osteoporosis It is not cured, it is treated. You should always have the Treatment prescribed by your doctor . So, it is essential that the moment you diagnose this reality, you know that your life will not be as before. But with some changes, mood and will you can have a high quality in the day to day.

Do not limit yourself for example to taking only pain medications. Put these simple tips into practice and enjoy life and yourself.

1. Swimming: You know that sedentary lifestyle influences the loss of bone density. So, if you have been told that you have this disease, do not give up or stay still. Swimming 3 times a week will greatly improve your situation. You will avoid the advance of the loss of bone mass, you will notice more skillful, with greater mobility and with less pains.

2. Magnesium and Vitamin D: You can turn to supplements sold at pharmacies, or you can talk to your doctor for prescriptions. You can also find these indispensable elements in your diet, such as spinach, Pumpkin seeds , Brown rice, fish, avocado, natural Greek yogurt, bananas, dried figs, bitter chocolate...

3. The ponytail and dandelion : They are simply wonderful, since they allow us to cover the silicon deficiencies that women usually suffer. If we take these infusions every day, we will synthesize calcium much better.

4. Cherries and Lemon: These two fruits are essential. Cherries may not be easy to get, but do not hesitate to consume a glass of lemon juice every day. Why? Basically because it is rich in calcium and vitamin C. It will help us to settle the correct calcification of our bones.

Are we starting to put it into practice today?

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