Pecan nut crackers

Looking for a fun, simple and delicious dessert? You have arrived at the place indicated, we present you the Recipe of pecan nut crackers, So that without thinking twice, go straight to the kitchen and put to work in the realization of these crunching wonders.

The walnut pecan is a Edible fruit of the pecan or walnut tree . It has its origin in the American continent, in the borders of the United States and Mexico. This dried fruit is very precious in gastronomy, especially in the pastry where it is used in cakes, cakes, fillings and other sweets.

The Walnuts They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids , magnesium , Calcium, vitamin A and antioxidants. It is recommended to use as usual, as they prevent Alzheimer's and heart disease.

For all this, We go in 3, 2, 1... to prepare some rich and homemade biscuits Pecan


  • 250 grams (2 ¼ cups) of flour For baking
  • 250 grams of Unsalted margarine
  • 200 grams (2 cups) of Brown sugar
  • 1 yolk Egg
  • 100 grams of Pecan
  • a pinch of salt

Steps to make pecan nut crackers

Nuts Cookies Swallow

  • Place in a bowl the Butter at room temperature And begins to beat with the aid of an electric rod or mixer.
  • Gradually incorporate the Brown sugar And continues beating until obtaining a Mixture without lumps.
  • Add the yolk And continue beating for 2 minutes.
  • Add the pinch of salt.
  • Sift flour And add it to the mixture, joining now with your hands.
  • Take out the bowl and place the mixture in a Flat and floured surface . Knead the dough for a couple of minutes.
  • Cover dough with foil And leads to refrigeration for at least one hour.
  • After letting it rest, Spread it with a roller.
  • Spread the Pecan pecan pieces On the mass, generously.
  • Cut the cookies with a pasta cutter or the mouth of a glass.
  • Distribute the cookies on a greased tray or covered with waxed paper. Remember to leave enough space between them, To grow without problem while baking.
  • At this point, use your creativity And add brown sugar over the cookies so that the walnuts are caramelized. You can also place one walnut per cookie or make a mixture of Sugar, cinnamon and finely chopped mint leaves Or dried rosemary and sprinkle it on the pecan nut crackers.
  • Bring cookies to preheated oven to 190 ° C for 15-20 minutes.

Make your own pecan nutmeal


  • If you have enough walnut pecan, you can prepare a flour and make some Biscuits that are healthier and Celiac . Take the nuts, wash them and place them for 10 seconds in boiling water.
  • Then shovel them under cold water And then wipe them thoroughly with a clean kitchen cloth.
  • Let the nuts dry naturally And take them to a food processor Until they are powdered. But be careful, do not grind them too much because they can segregate a lot of oil and then, make a paste.
  • Sift the pecan nut powder and go! You have a nutmeg.
  • If you choose this alternative , Incorporates yeast or baking powder into the mixture.
  • Another option: Replace one cup of wheat flour with this flour. This reduces the consumption of refined products.

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