Philophobia: the fear of falling in love

Most people want to fall in love. So much so that even many develop problems because of their need to find love.

But what happens when the opposite happens? What happens when falling in love becomes a problem? Here begins what we know today as philophobia.

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Philophobia and problems with relationships

Philophobia is a great fear of being in love , Something that causes much anxiety and that causes that the person flee of all possible love relationship .

Sometimes, this goes much further, and it gets to affect other relationships.


People with very strong philophobia are capable of To even shy away from loving relatives Or avoid relationships with co-workers, neighbors and friends.

In fact, we are, in addition to anxiety, with a great social phobia.

The big problem he faces A philophobic person is that he can not avoid falling in love . No matter how much he rejects this fact, however much he flee from love, feelings go free and can not be controlled.

The love that begs itself is not love

When this happens, anxiety begins to surface, causing it to sink into a A state of discomfort with high levels of stress , Both emotional and physical.

All this can lead to the person, in very severe cases, socially isolated.

Toxic relationships, relationships that hurt

People who suffer from philophobia occasionally immerse themselves in Toxic relationships that will only enhance this state of malaise Who suffer from this fear of their love.

This is why they never reach the end of a relationship and so, sometimes, they immerse themselves in potentially toxic relationships.


Thus, a philophobic person will follow the following pattern of behavior to avoid"falling in love"with someone:

  • Will keep relations Simultaneous, something that manifests its clear fear of being abandoned.
  • All your relationships will be relationships without commitment.
  • In relationships she will speak little of herself so as not to feel vulnerable.
  • Each relationship is a roller coaster, where emotions rise and fall steadily.

A person with philophobia carries many Fears loaded behind his back that prevent him from establishing healthy relationships , Full of confidence, of sincerity, of believing in the other person...

They will always distrust and, for that reason, they put into practice defense mechanisms that avoid that to which so much fear they have him.

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If you've been around a philophobic person or you've been through it yourself, you'll know that, when a relationship becomes too serious, you cut it out. From one day to the next they stop answering the calls, they isolate themselves and, in the worst case, they disappear.

The origin of philophobia

The truth is that Philophobia originates from past destructive relations , Toxic, harmful that have marked our life.

A very painful divorce, an infidelity that undermined trust in your partner, a relationship based on abuse... All this can lead to philophobia.


After a totally harmful and traumatic love experience, the person protects himself Before any possible threat that this may happen again. The downside is that they do not get it and that they plunge into unhappy and toxic relationships.

Another reason why a person can develop philophobia is Fear of rejection , A very extreme fear that makes him anticipate any abandonment or any love failure.

This is very rare, although there may be some cases.

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What to do if a person suffers from philophobia? Of course, the first thing must be to face your fear. It will be very difficult, but necessary.

It is important to overcome the problem, because the person with philophobia can not be happy trying to escape that fear that he tries to avoid.

We can never be happy if we let ourselves be overcome by our fears . There are many people whose philophobia makes them plunge into harmful relationships that do not provide anything positive.

Overcome your fears, overcome your fear of love. It will be difficult, but it will never be impossible.

Let love enter your life again.

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