Pneumonia: symptoms and complementary natural remedies

Have you ever suffered a pneumonia ? If so, you know the gravity of this situation. And above all, the importance of being aware knowing the symptoms that accompany it. We must take special care with children and elderly people, where the incidence can be more dangerous.

As we have told you on numerous occasions, it will always be your doctor who will mark the treatment that you must follow. Now, we, for our part, We provide simple natural advice That will be of great help to you. Your health deserves it.

What causes pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a very common disease . Surely you know one or several people who have suffered on occasion. In fact, it is quite common among the older population. They are precisely those who present more risk, given their weakness and the fact of having an immune system sometimes more vulnerable; It is worth bearing in mind.

Pneumonia is an infection of the lung Caused by the presence of various microorganisms that attack the alveoli. They are sick and inflamed. Viruses, bacteria, fungi... though The most common bacterium in all pneumonia is undoubtedly the Pneumococci . We will give you a simple example to understand it better:

  • Our airways have Natural defense mechanisms Which prevent the bacteria from reaching the lung every day. The first thing we do to"repel"them is to cough. Then, we have numerous cells that offer us immunity, which protect us against those small enemies from the outside.
  • But what happens when we suffer from pneumonia? That, normally, Our immune system is somewhat weak . It is then when these bacteria reach the alveoli and, as a result, they make us sick.
  • Another source to consider is for example if you are a smoker. Also if you have diabetes, kidney or liver problems . In these cases, our immune system It can also weaken and we will be more vulnerable to this type of bacteria.

What are the symptoms of pneumonia?


First of all, we must say that the vast majority of the symptoms of pneumonia are variable. Hence we must make two basic distinctions that must be known:

  • Typical Pneumonia : In this case the symptoms may appear suddenly or in an interval of between 2 or 3 days. And what do we feel? Too much fatigue, chest pain, like a pressure that makes it difficult for us to even breathe normally. We have a strong cough where it is possible to Exp. . There are always a few tenths of fever and chills.
  • Atypical pneumonia: In this case the symptoms are usually more complex, so it is often confused with other diseases. We feel headache, joint pain, fever, Muscle discomfort , Cough very dry and without expectoration (unlike the previous case). There is also tiredness, but it should be noted that chest pain is much weaker than in typical pneumonia.

As you can see, the symptoms are very characteristic. We will always consider them of gravity at the moment when we see that the pulsations are very fast, that we feel drowning and even loss of knowledge. High fever is also dangerous so, if you have any doubts, any concerns, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. And once again, remember: watch out for the children and the elderly.

What natural treatment can we follow at home?


As we have already pointed out at the beginning of this article, It will always be our doctors who give us the guidelines Which we must follow. There are times when enough medication is enough; In more severe cases, hospitalization will be required. But do not worry, they usually resolve well, unless the patient is a very old person.

While at home, we can follow these simple guidelines:

1. Oxygen baths

What are they for? Basically to dump, to deflate. The hot steam of a bath Will allow us to eliminate the resistance of the mucus in the alveoli And also open the airways, which will allow us to find relief.

To do this, you must fill the bath Water Very hot. Add one cup (200 grams) of fat salt plus two glasses of hydrogen peroxide (about 400 ml). Relax in the water and breathe normally by wrapping yourself with this steam. Enjoy this oxygen bath for at least 20 minutes. Do it every day.

2. Infusion of ginger

We are sure that you have Ginger root at home. You already know its properties, you know how medicinal this natural plant is capable of desinflamar, cure. It can act as a Antibiotic and a tranquilizer Without any side effects. So do not hesitate, prepare yourself at least two infusions a day.

3. Remedy of garlic and onion

It may have a bad taste, it may leave a not very pleasant breath. But we assure you that combining onion with garlic stands as a very effective remedy for treating pneumonia. Desinflama and cure . Natural antibiotics available to anyone. And how do we prepare it? Very easy. Pica two garlic and about 50 grams of onion. Squeeze everything very finite and add it to a glass of natural water. Also includes a spoonful of honey. Mix everything well and drink in the mornings. You'll see how good you are!

5. Carrot Juice

Before your dinner, it would be ideal to prepare this simple carrot juice. And why carrot? Because this vegetable will allow you to strengthen your lungs. It will also offer you rich antioxidants to repair damaged tissue. In addition they are very rich in vitamin A, in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins of the complex B. Make a smoothie with two Carrots And add a glass of water. Very easy!

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