Problems caused by not chewing food well

Although chewing well seems a very simple habit to put into practice, the fact is that many people have problems to chew properly food. The eagerness to eat or the custom make that many people swallow the food without chewing it correctly . As a consequence, some digestive health problems can be experienced later, and in fact, this may weight gain .

Many people still ignore this habit, not knowing that it is determinant to have a good digestion and improve metabolism. Each time we put the food in our mouth and chew them, We are fulfilling a very important step of our digestion.

Why is it so important to chew food well?

By chewing food well, we give the saliva time to secrete an enzyme called ptyalin , Which is responsible for breaking down the Carbohydrates . When we do not chew properly, foods continue their way to the rest of the digestive system without this enzyme that will help to properly decompose said substances. Because of this, The body will have to work double in order to eliminate all that it does not need.

In conclusion, failure to chew well prevents proper segregation of enzymes and causes certain organs to work harder than they should in order to break down certain substances. In addition, when we do not chew well and difficult the decomposition of food, The body is not able to separate well the beneficial nutrients of the toxins , Thus causing problems of malnutrition and intoxication of the body.

Problems of not chewing food well


  • Digestive problems: Not chewing properly can cause, sooner or later, some kind of digestive problem. Do not chew food properly prevents its proper decomposition and lubrication To remove wastes later. In addition, it causes heaviness , Gas, clogging in the colon or constipation, among others.
  • Slow metabolism: When we do not chew food properly we are also hindering the function of the bodies responsible for metabolizing them. Heavy digestion slows metabolism and decreases caloric expenditure.
  • Weight gain: A slow metabolism is synonymous with weight gain, since the body does not burn calories easily and accumulates wastes that it costs him to eliminate. But in addition to this, Not chewing food well causes us to eat more than we should , Since we do not experience that feeling of satiety that should bring food.

Recommendations for chewing well

To begin, try to leave a space between each food, so that you can take the necessary time to chew adequately. Although the food is not heavy, It is necessary to chew between 20 and 50 times, according to the type of food, the size and its hardness.

The ideal is to eat in a quiet, quiet and free of any distractor. Noise, television, cell phones or computers, among others, can unconsciously make you eat quickly and without chewing food well.

If you have trouble chewing the food, it is a good idea to cut it into pieces before putting it in your mouth. If you cut into small pieces the food you can chew well and without taking that much time.

What are the benefits of chewing well?


  • Contributes to digestion: When you chew food well you save a lot of time to your digestive system and to the bodies responsible for filtering the nutrients for the body. Thanks to this habit we are able to form a digestible bolus, which allows the body to easily separate the waste that has to be removed. Further, You will avoid indigestion , Gas, stomach pain, bloating and slow intestinal transit.
  • Elimination of toxins: Chewing food well allows the salivary enzymes to work properly, fulfilling its predigestion function. Thanks to this, The organism differentiates the waste substances and stimulates their elimination from the organism.
  • Feeling of satiety: Taking the right time to chew properly is key to stimulating the taste buds and brain. Well-chewed foods make you feel full quickly And prevent excess food.
  • Pleasure: Chewing well gives us more pleasure and satisfaction when consuming food. Although we can not perceive it directly, the food and its flavors stimulate certain organs of our body and their corresponding emotions. Hence the importance of chewing adequately, since in this way he brain Fully records the taste of the food and provides greater satisfaction.

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