Refined sugar can seriously affect healthy breasts

Refined sugar is the most widely used type of sweetener in the world Added to that, in addition, is the one used in all kinds of cakes, breads, sweets, sauces, sweets and many other foods that are acquired in the market. Frequent consumption generates a addiction Equal to that of cigarettes, as well as other types of drugs ; The most worrying thing of all is that, like any type of drug, in the long run, this product can cause serious health damage and consequences that may be irreparable.

Sugar, like drugs, was artificially created by humans and its effects on health are very serious. This product, which is often used as part of food, does not represent a significant nutritional contribution And, on the contrary, over time can cause important diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

A recent study showed that sugar can affect breast health

Sugar is currently being investigated and, over the years, great findings continue to be made on its effects on health. A recent study by scientists in Canada and published in the journal BMC Public Health Revealed that only three sugary drinks per week Can increase the density of breast tissue and increase the risk of Breast cancer .

The research involved 776 women of childbearing age and 779 women who had reached the menopause stage. Scientists measured the density of each woman's breasts, and also tested with a series of questions related to the frequency with which they consumed foods with refined sugars such as sweets, soft drinks and daily spoonfuls of sugar in their coffees And juices.

The conclusion, revealed by the lead researcher, Professor Caroline Diorio, determined that There is a correlation between sugar consumption and breast tissue density. Women who had already reached the stage of menopause Had an increase in breast density due to excessive consumption of fat, while women who did not reach this stage had a higher density in their breasts due to excessive consumption of sugar.

With this finding Researchers once again warned of overconsumption of sugar For although many consider that they do not consume it in excess, the truth is that it can be present where we least imagine it.

Increased breast tissue density increases the risk of breast cancer and The most worrying thing of all is that it makes it more difficult to detect and diagnose cancer early. These results should be reinforced with more research, but scientists believe it is enough to alarm about the serious effects that excessive consumption of this"food", which is as powerful (and dangerous) as drugs, can have.

What else can happen when sugar is consumed?


Without being exaggerated, he sugar Can cause serious damage to the body, as well as drugs. People who consume sugar frequently in their diet develop long-term dangerous diseases such as diabetes, dementia, schizophrenia, depression, overweight, obesity, or cancer, among others. In the short term, there are other health problems related to the consumption of sugar Such as constipation, weakening of the immune system, allergies, flatulence, or digestive discomfort, among others.

In relation to cancer , Recent studies also found that sugar is the nutrient of malignant cells that make tumors grow. Cancer cells are more easily developed and spread in a body filled with simple carbohydrates and refined sugars From the processed foods And sweets.

The food industry is guilty

Excessive consumption of sugar is unstoppable throughout the world and the main responsibility for this phenomenon is the food industry, which has found in it one of the best businesses in economic terms. Sugar is part of the diet of more than 90% of people around the world and, because of the addiction it generates, it is very difficult to reduce that rate.

Sugar is a food that interferes with the body's appetite and causes the person an insatiable desire to continue eating. This is precisely where the food industry It benefits because, thanks to this, people will never stop eating this product.

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