Relieve headache and stress with acupressure in 30 seconds

Acupressure or digitopuncture is one of the oldest alternative therapies that are applied to relieve different ailments . To practice acupressure is necessary to learn to identify and work pressure points, which are those where there are accumulations of nerves located in certain areas of our body, such as temples. By working these areas of our body properly, we can stimulate the blood circulation And relax muscles that are stressed and that can generate pain.

Most common headaches usually occur as a product of stress and tension. To alleviate this problem and minimize its effects, we present some acupressure techniques that you can put into practice easily at home.

How should the pressure be applied?

When applying pressure to any area of ​​your body, you should make sure to apply the same pressure to the point on the opposite side, so that there is a balance of energy.

To stimulate this area, you can apply either firm pressure, a slow and circular massage, or a stronger friction, depending on the type of physical response you want to get. The pressure can be applied with the fingers, the knuckles, the palm of the hand or the thumbs.

Acupressure to combat headache and stress

Massage the temples

The temples are located on the sides of the head , At the level of the eyebrows. To know more exactly where they are, place your thumbs on the outside of the eyebrows and move them about an inch and a half toward the area of ​​the head. When you have already located them, gently press and massage the temples simultaneously, counterclockwise. This massage can be done for up to one minute, breathing deeply while you do it.

Inner brow ends


Just above the bridge of the nose and at the inner ends of the eyebrows, there are two pressure points that can also help you relieve headache and tension. In this case it is not very recommended to apply pressure, as it can produce a sensation of discomfort. Ideally, massage the index fingers for 30 seconds.

Meeting point of the little finger and the wrist

Locate the point where your little finger and wrist are and apply constant pressure for about 30 seconds. Make this same pressure on both wrists and feel as they relieve the headaches generated by the tension .

For total relaxation

If you want to totally relax, Eliminate stress And headache, make a fist with the left hand with the thumb on the index finger. The acupressure point is just in the part where the thumb and forefinger lie, just above and to the left. Once again apply the pressure for 30 seconds and repeat the same process with the other hand.

Use your feet


The pressure points on the feet are connected with the organs of our body. To stimulate and relieve the headache, pressure on the area between the big toe and the second finger. You should use your thumb and press on the top for 30 seconds or a minute. Another option to relieve headache and stress with acupressure is to press the bottom of the foot, behind the foot bone. Again 30 seconds is pressed and done in both feet .

Skull base

This point serves to relieve headaches and some symptoms of colds. For this, the index fingers must be placed in the base of the skull And separate them an inch sideways until you feel the depression in this area of ​​our body. Apply pressure on these two points and massage gently for 30 seconds or one minute.

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