Remedies to digest fatty foods better

Fats are badly considered nowadays, but not all of them are harmful. Since they are essential in our diet, we must learn to choose the ones that benefit us. In addition, there are some foods that will help us to digest them more easily, and thus avoid heavy digestion and overweight.

In this article we explain some tricks so that you can properly digest and assimilate the fats you consume, thanks to the incredible properties of foods like lemon, apple cider vinegar, tea or artichoke.

What about fats?

The grease Is essential in our diet, but always In moderate quantities and of good quality . When we say good quality we mean to choose preferably the Of vegetable origin , like the following:

  • Vegetable oils of first cold pressure: olive, coconut, almond, sesame, flax, wheat germ, etc.
  • Avocado.
  • Nuts.
  • Seeds.

There are many studies that show how the intake of healthy vegetable fats tend to even eliminate the fat deposits in our body, so they would actually help us to lose weight in a healthy way.

We can also consume, in smaller amount, fats of animal origin. The healthiest are:

  • Yolk.
  • Blue Fish.
  • Dairy products, especially those coming from the goat or sheep, and better if they are fermented (yogurt or kefir).

Avocado j_silla

Why do not we digest them well?

Some people, however, have difficulty digesting fats, especially those that are not as beneficial. Possibly the cause is in a liver Which, without being ill, is not working as it should. It is important to try to regulate this imbalance, since Fats are essential for many vital functions of our body And, in the long run, they might suffer some diseases from this lack.

These people should follow some advice:

  • Eat small amounts of food spread throughout the day.
  • Avoid harmful fats as much as possible.
  • Apply local heat to the area of ​​the liver (ribs on the right side) with the help of a hot water bag or electric mat.
  • Eat the foods that we will quote below.

Lemon juice

One of the easiest and most economical remedies is lemon , A highly medicinal citrus that we should always have at hand. The lemon, despite being acidic, Has the property of neutralizing the acids in our stomach and of helping us to digest fats , In addition to improving the assimilation of many nutrients thanks to its content in vitamin C.

Therefore, the easiest way to benefit from your properties is to Dress our meals with a stream of lemon juice Fresh, especially when we eat animal protein.

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Apple vinager

He Apple vinager Is another powerful fat burner. In fact, both lemon and vinegar are two of the natural products that are commonly used in cleaning the home thanks to this property.

In the case of apple cider vinegar It is essential that it be of good quality, to be ecological, and even better if it is of living or raw fermentation , Although it is not easy to find.

Unlike lemon, vinegar can cause heartburn for people who have a tendency. Anyway, it will be enough with a few drops in the food or a while before with a little water.

Green tea and red tea

These two infusions are excellent to take daily, especially if we want to lose weight, as they help us better assimilate the fats of food. However, we should also bear in mind that They have a bit of caffeine and it is best not to take them in the evening or at night.

If we suffer anemia we should also separate them from the meals , Since they can prevent the assimilation of the iron.

Green tea Christian Kaden

Artichoke extract

Finally, to help our liver digest better, we can also take vegetables and bitter plants, which will always help to improve its function. In this case in particular we highlight the artichoke , Which we can not only consume cooked or baked, but we can also take in infusion (its leaves) or in extract, which we mix with a little water and we will take with the meals.

Images courtesy of j_silla, prolix6x and Christian Kaden

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