Risks of Amalgam Fillings for Health

Did you know that dental amalgams are made primarily of mercury and that this heavy metal is very toxic to health? Did you know that in some countries they are banned because of the risk involved?

In this article we explain everything you should know about these amalgams: What they are, how they affect our health and the possibilities we have to take them away.

What are they?

Amalgam is a silver material that combines several metals, mercury , And which dentists use to fill cavities that appear due to cavities.

Today, other materials are often used in most countries, as Numerous studies have shown the toxicity of mercury both for wearers on the denture and for dentists Who work with him. In addition, there is an ecological tendency to reduce more and more any product made with mercury, since it has a very negative environmental impact for the planet.

Since 2008, its use is prohibited in countries such as Sweden, Norway or Denmark.

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Mercury exposure

A dental amalgam contains between 120 and 570 mg of mercury, which Is released with the passage of time as a result of saliva, gastric acidity and food, high temperature, etc.

The mercury vapors that are generated, since they are absorbed by the organism day after day during all the life, are a great source of continued toxicity.

However, we must also bear in mind that exposure to mercury may be due to contact with products containing mercury, such as some thermometers, light bulbs, batteries, vaccines, cosmetics, skin lightening creams, paints, pesticides, etc. In addition, studies have been published showing that blue Fish Such as tuna, salmon or swordfish are the foods that contain the most mercury, so they should not be consumed often.

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Health risks

One of the major hazards of mercury is that although a part is naturally removed, a significant proportion of this heavy metal Accumulates in the brain and stays there for years . This causes progressive neurodegeneration, which is related to diseases such as alzheimer's or Parkinson .

Another serious problem with mercury is that Is able to cross the placental barrier and reach the central nervous system of the fetus during pregnancy .

Mercury also accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, lungs, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, etc.

Can they be removed?

When people who wear dental amalgams know the risks of mercury, they usually ask the same question: Can they be removed to avoid these health problems? Above all, those who already suffer health problems for those who do not find any cause.

The answer is that Yes, they can be removed, but the process must be done following a very strict protocol . Otherwise, it is best to leave the fillings because, if not done scrupulously, both the patient and the dentist will be exposed to a very important and sudden amount of mercury that could be much more detrimental to health.

We must seek a professional specialized in the extraction of amalgams and ensure that during the process are taken into account issues such as the following:

  • Adequate isolation of the entire oral cavity to avoid ingesting amalgam residues.
  • Eye protection.
  • Oxygen mask.
  • Work in cold temperatures.
  • Remove amalgams in bulk and quickly.
  • New filling material of good quality.

Treatment with Chlorella

For those who are exposed to mercury as well as those who have been exposed to it, we recommend a treatment with the most effective natural remedy to remove heavy metals from the body: Chlorella . This alga has a powerful detoxifying effect of all types of harmful substances, not only heavy metals, mainly due to its high chlorophyll content .

The coriander , Garlic and magnesium. In this article We explain in more detail how to properly detoxify your body.

Images courtesy of brillenschlange and Da Sal.

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