Simple light salad of watermelon, cheese and mint

Delicious! Surely many nights you have come home not knowing what to prepare. You are tired and you want to finish soon to sit at the table and, simply, to rest and if possible, Enjoy something good and nutritious.

Solution? Today in our space we want to give you a simple and effective idea for your dinners. It is a combination as original as tasty, in your mouth will burst the freshness of the watermelon, the sweetness of the cheese and the original touch of mint. Is about A simple salad Which you will love to try. You dare? Let's go there!

Watermelon, cheese and mint salad


What ingredients do I need for my salad?

As you can intuit by the images, our simple salad has an exquisite combination of elements that you will not be difficult to get. They are tasty and above all nutritious . Take note of everything you need:

  • 300 grams of watermelon
  • 150 grams low-fat cheese. You have many options, such as semi-skimmed ricotta, Swiss skim or the typical"Burgos"cheese sold in supermarkets (low fat). They are satiating and very rich.
  • 5 leaves of basil
  • 5 sheets of peppermint.
  • 100 grams of fresh spinach
  • 20 grams of canons
  • 3 teaspoons
  • 1 small pinion.
  • 5 black olives
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Modena balsamic vinegar or lemon juice

How do I prepare my watermelon and mint salad?

Salad-watermelon-mint cheese - 300x380

  • 1. The first thing we will do is Wash all ingredients thoroughly , Especially all of our green leafy vegetables, as well as medicinal herbs: basil and mint. Try to make the spinach tender, rather small. They are tastier and easier to digest.
  • 2. Now Cut the watermelon to taquitos As you see in the pictures. It looks very attractive. Do the same with the cheese.
  • 3. Next step? Cut the Yellow teats In finite slices, looking for the final aesthetics of the dish.
  • 4- Now Mince the basil and mint , Will bring more flavor to the dish in this way and is easier to consume.
  • 5- Cut also small pieces The black olives . They offer a very special color to our salad.
  • 6 - Cut the canons too.
  • 7. If you want your salad to have A little spicy touch , You have the possibility to add, for example, a jalapeno. It is enough with half of one cut to finite laminitas, it is very original the flavor that can contribute you. But it all depends on your tastes.
  • 8. Put all the ingredients in an attractive bowl or on a plate that you like. Just drop all the vegetables first, then add watermelon and cheese. Then the mint and The basil Chopped, next to the black olives and the garlic.
  • 9. By last, Add pine nuts . If you do not want to put pine nuts, you can include nuts, the taste is also very original. Just as nutritious.
  • 10. It is time to add the dressing. You can use the juice of half a lemon, or even a mustard vinaigrette. We, for our part, We recommend balsamic vinegar from Modena . The taste is sensational and its touch, a delight for the senses.

You dare? Treat it!

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