Simple questionnaire to assess your level of insomnia

There are times when we suffer insomnia more intensely. Then we recover and then we get a proper rest. However, there are those who suffer from chronic insomnia. Do you want to know if this is your case with this simple questionnaire? We invite you to discover it.

1. Questionnaire on our level of insomnia


When we suffer insomnia, the most appropriate is Know the cause that causes it . Daily stress , Worries or anxiety may be clear reasons why we do not get adequate rest. But there are still more. Joint diseases Make the To be able to rest Be very complicated. We feel pain, we suffer.

Cramps in hands, unable to sleep on one side by Hip pain , Cervical... are certainly realities to take into account. Another aspect that we must know is that over the years, sleep becomes somewhat lighter and we also have trouble sleeping in a restorative way. Our food is another fundamental pillar, without Factors as important as our lifestyle habits : To go to bed every day for an hour, to spend a lot of time in front of the computer before sleeping... things that are worth knowing to understand the true origin of insomnia.

But what will the questionnaire that we propose to you today serve us? Basically for To know what kind of insomnia you suffer . Delving into its characteristics, we can then receive the most appropriate treatment. Let's see then:


1. How many times do you usually wake up at night?

  1. None (1 point)
  2. Between 1 and 3 (2 points)
  3. Between 4 and 5 (3 points)
  4. More than 5 times (4 points)

2. How long does it take to sleep at night?

  1. Less than 20 minutes (1 point)
  2. Between 20 minutes and half an hour (2 points)
  3. Between half and 1 hour (3 points)
  4. More than 1 hour (4 points)

3. How do you value the quality of your rest normally?

(Think of the feeling you have when you get up in the morning)

  1. Very good (1 point)
  2. Good (2 points)
  3. Regular (3 points)
  4. Poor (4 points)

4. In general, how many hours do you usually sleep?

Think of the hours you are in bed at night without being able to close your eyes, and in which you can truly rest.

  • 8 hours (1 point)
  • Between 6 and 7 hours (2 points)
  • Between 5 and 6 hours (3 points)
  • Less than 5 hours (4 points)

5. During the day, do you usually feel sleepiness? Do you sleep without realizing it in the most unexpected places?

  • Never (1 point)
  • Once a day (2 points)
  • In many moments of the day (3 points)
  • Frequently throughout the day (4 points)

6. How many times a month do you usually suffer from insomnia?

  • Two or three days a month (1 point)
  • One week per month (2 points)
  • Three weeks a month (3 points)
  • Possibly every day (4 points)

2. Interpretation of the questionnaire

What cats can teach us about sleeping

Score between 6 and 10 points

Your insomnia is very light, in fact Nor can we just label it as insomnia . That is, there are days when it costs you more sleep but, usually, your sleep hygiene is quite good and you get a good rest.

Score between 10 16 points

You are likely to experience stress or anxiety problems. You present Moderate insomnia And as such, it would deserve to know the cause so that you can treat it, since normally and in these cases it is easy to get it. Try to change some habits in your life, manage stress better, eat something lighter, close the computer 2 hours before going to sleep so that the light of your screens does not stimulate you, Take a relaxing bath Things like these can help you.

Score between 16 and 24

You suffer from chronic insomnia. It would be appropriate for you to seek help, because without a doubt, day by day you will find yourself more tired, slower and even sick. Not sleeping Defenses down And our mood. We run the risk of acute anxiety and even depression . Delve into the cause that makes you unable to sleep and work it. Usually, these are periods of continuous stress, where we feel helpless and we know how to reorder our life.

Look for medical support, also Natural remedies like infusions of melissa and sage , Do some sport, eat more appropriately. Another strategy that can help us is Follow constant routines . Always dine at the same time, rest, give us a relaxing bath or go out for a few minutes in the evenings. Reading a half hour in bed, putting aside concerns and seeing rest as the best remedy for our problems, is also very suitable. It is worth putting into practice.

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