Sometimes, although it hurts, it is better to say goodbye

Life are cycles, stages to start and doors to close in order to move forward . Now, how can we find that strength and that strength to be able to finish certain things?

Although it hurts, sometimes it is better to know how to say goodbye To that love that no longer enriches us, or to terminate that friendship that is based more on the selfishness Than in altruism.

Life is a continuous flow where Only the bravest can walk with the happiness they deserve . With fullness and satisfaction, although sometimes we must make some sacrifice for our good.

Join us on this Reflection of today. Let's talk about the two sides of the "Know how to say goodbye".

It is time to take stock


There are people who are not very accustomed to think about themselves, to stop and ask that question that we should all ask ourselves at the beginning of the day: How do I find myself today?

  • It is not necessary that every day we enjoy a happiness Absolute It is not about that, the real game of life is in Find that daily tranquility with which to feel good about ourselves . With who we are. With what we have.
  • Get used to talking to yourself. Do not focus your entire universe on others. You are important too And you must know how you are, what you feel, what hurts and what you lack.
  • Balance is as healthy as it is useful. To do this, make a visualization. To one side is everything that pulls you a daily smile, the other side, what worries you, what hurts you.
  • What weighs more? Are you happy or sad? Reflect on it.

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Saying goodbye is not a farewell, it's a start


You have taken stock and realized that there are things that you should give up. We're not just talking about people. . Sometimes, There are some other dimension Which also remains in our lives:

  • Let go of negative thoughts . We must get rid of the constant worry and learn to be more optimistic.
  • Saying goodbye to focusing our lives on others alone . We must maintain the balance and open the doors to our moments of leisure , To continue training us if we want, to improve in the workplace...
  • Must Say goodbye to emotional burdens. Are you worried about what they think of you? Drop that weight, it's no good. Do you care about criticism? Be free in your actions, in your desire, and give wings to your personal growth .

How to say goodbye to someone we still love

Sometimes we have to live those hard times when Despite continuing to love certain people, we are aware that they cause us more pain than growth . More tears than happiness .

How to deal with this situation?

  • If you love someone, you must first Do everything possible to solve the problem . Now, if you realize that you have invested time, delusions And efforts on someone who has done little or nothing to deserve you, it's time to say goodbye.
  • To say goodbye, you must To realize that you no longer wish to suffer. That you do not deserve to suffer. You are a brave person who will be able to continue with your life in an integral way, so you must expose the situation as you feel it.
  • Tell the truth, Open your heart and argue the need for that goodbye . However, be firm, because sometimes we fall into the error of"trying again", and this can sometimes be translated into more months of suffering .
  • Goodbye must be given with sincerity, emotional openness and decision. Someone might say"no anesthesia"because the pain is going to be intense. However, it is a must. Because it is also clear that A necessary goodbye is actually a new beginning in your life . Another chance to be happy.

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Take back the bond with yourself after goodbye

Self love 2

When we say goodbye, a part of ourselves also detaches itself from that person. It is like To cut an umbilical cord that we fed of emotions , Of projects, dreams and illusions.

After this break, It is vital that we return to that bond with ourselves , With our self-esteem, with our being to be able to continue advancing in happiness and fulfillment.

Take note of some very important tips:

  • Remember that goodbye was necessary. It is an end of stage and now it is not to get up, but"RENACER","rediscover"again with ourselves But in a more powerful way.

Because we have been brave, because we have learned a wise lesson and We know what we want: to seek our happiness .

  • Saying goodbye is Open a new door And, do not hesitate, You can be everything you want
  • Do not hold a grudge against anyone . If goodbye is accompanied by anger or resentment, we will not be able to move forward. Hate makes us prisoners, so there is no better freedom than the one that advances without pesos by who Has forgiven .

Although it hurts, even if it costs you, remember... sometimes it is better to say goodbye.

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