Soothing Relaxations Against Insomnia

The bedtime is approaching, but we still carry the worries and tensions of the day, as they cling to us and cause us stiffness and pains in the back and head, heaviness in the legs, etc.

In this article we give you to know some massages that you can do yourself in a simple way, or to make you your partner. This way you can relax before bed and prevent insomnia Which, in many cases, is due to everything we drag from the previous day.


Throughout the day, especially if we have a job that requires enough intellectual effort or spend many hours in front of the computer, our head is accumulating tension that can cause us pain oppression. These discomforts often make it very difficult to rest at night And sometimes even get up in the morning with the same pain.

We propose some simple and very pleasant massages to improve the circulation and to reduce the tensions in the head:

  • Massage all the scalp With the fingers of the hands, making circles and pressing enough so that we notice how the leather moves. We will start at the forehead and we will go up to the nape. Then we will do it in a straight line, several times, in the same direction.
  • With the palms of hands we massage the temples also in circles, without pressing.
  • We will make slight pressures with the fingers around the eyes, starting from the inner part of the eyebrows, directing us towards the outside and returning by the bottom, just above the bone of the cheekbone.
  • We massage the cheeks and jaw, pressing a little but without feeling pain, as if we were kneading.
  • We will finish the relaxation of the head making all kinds of grimaces for a minute and breathing deeply.

Massage artfulblogger ear


The shoulders are a very symbolic part of the burden we carry: a physical burden, but also emotional. For this reason many people have their shoulders too far forward, backwards or raised towards the ears.

  • To relax them, it will be enough to raise them and to lower them about 30 times, taking them to the top of the whole and lowering them until we can no longer.
  • Then we will make circles with both shoulders, forward and backward. It is important not to do it too fast, but rather to make good circles.

The cervical

The Cervical They are also one of the parts of the body that are overloaded throughout the day. This tension can make it difficult for blood to reach the head correctly, which in the long run can lead to some health problems.

To relax the cervical we will do the following exercises and massages:

  • Seated, straight back but relaxed, we will move the head from side to side, slowly. Then we will do it from top to bottom, without carrying the head too far back.
  • Finally, with one hand we hold the back of the neck, which in some cases is so tight that it can hardly be separated from the spine. Without being slipped, we will hold it tightly and we will carry the chin to the chest as much as we can. We will notice a great stretch. Then we will raise our heads again and let go of the hand softly. We can repeat it 5 times and notice immediate relief.

Cervical neck osmachosant

The lumbars

  • To relax the lumbar, and the back in general, we will lie on the floor face up and bring the knees to the chest to embrace with the arms, if possible to hold our elbows.
  • Once we are in that position, we will swing gently to one side and the other, without loosening our legs. This will relax the muscles on both sides of the spine. We will do it for 5 or 10 minutes.

In this article We can see other exercises to relax the back.
Yoga meditation relaxation nature respository

The legs

Whether you spend many hours sitting or standing, your legs suffer a lot and at the end of the day you may be sore or heavy.

  • To facilitate relaxation and circulation , We will simply place ourselves on the floor or in a bed but next to a wall that allows us to lift our legs completely straight.
  • In this pose, with our hands, we will massage gently from the knee to the groin.
  • Finally, we will shake our legs to completely relax them.

We can be up to half an hour in this position.

Images courtesy of artful blogger, osmachosant and repository.

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