Sorrowful people do not forgive or forget

Anger is a negative feeling that can damage your mental health. . All this happens because spiteful people are unable to forgive and forget an unpleasant situation that others have provoked.

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Whether it is a word or an act that has hurt them, spiteful people can never be happy, for They carry a thorn in their lives . They lack the resources to forgive And this causes them a deep bitterness.

Sorrow is different from revenge

Perhaps the question arises whether the resentment has anything to do with revenge or not. The truth is that they are two very different things. Sorrow is a moral injury that makes us want the other person to pay for what he has done.


Revenge, on the other hand, is when we behave in a hostile manner with the other person and do everything possible to make your life a hell and suffer what we have suffered.

Although spite and revenge sometimes go hand in hand, It is normal for a grievous person to be a taxable person Never do what you want. Something totally different about vengeful people.

I want in my life people who join, not people who remain

Sorrowful people swallow and swallow all that hatred and anger they feel in the face of a circumstance suffered in the past. They wish the other person badly, but rarely act. They devote themselves to criticizing, judging, seeing evil and spitting venom.

Characteristics of spiteful persons

Now that we know a little more about the grudge, you'll be wondering How you can recognize a spiteful person Or if you have some characteristics that will disclose it.

Today we will discover some of them:


Neither forgive nor forget

There are people who forgive, but never forget. A resentful person may be lying to herself when she says she has forgiven someone. In its interior what happened is still present.

They do not learn from the past

They never leave the past and live in it continuously. They can not get rid of the Negative experiences That they have suffered.

They believe that they are never wrong

Sorrowful people think they are perfect and never make mistakes. This makes them very rigid with others and does not accept that they act differently than they want.

They get offended easily

Dealing with a resentful person can be complicated, because any word or act can offend.

They think that they are better than the others

The damage that someone has done them makes them adopt a role of victim that prevents them from seeing that they are also wrong. Your perception of reality is often wrong.

Life is a drama

Their insecurities and the inability to overcome the past make the life of the person resentful in A drama where she is always the victim .

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Have you felt that someone around you identifies with these characteristics? Have you seen yourself reflected? Grudge, like any other emotion, can be overcome. You just have to be aware of it.

Everyone can change

If you have discovered in many of the above mentioned characteristics, it is important that you interact with the people that are around you. Try to keep an open mind To everything they can tell you.


Talking with others and sharing different perceptions of life will allow you to realize that you may be wrong. This will help you to know why you have that grudge inside you and how you can eliminate it.

All this will be difficult and Spiteful people often deny that they are , Believing that they forgive when it is not so.

That is why it is necessary that we know how to do a sincere self-criticism of ourselves and that we accept everything that is not going to please us and that will come out of our close friends.

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Whether you are a spiteful person or close to one, you know that everyone can change.

So never believe that a spiteful person will always be for life because, If you realize it, you can stop being it .

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