Stains on the hands: how can we reduce them?

Stains on hands Usually appear with age. But there are also other factors that favor its appearance, such as the sun. As we all know, it really takes away our natural beauty, and sometimes we spend enough money on treatments to eliminate these imperfections. Do you want to know then? Easier and cheaper remedies ?

1. Aloe vera or aloe vera gel

Aloe vera

You know what our hands Are very exposed to External aggressions . Weather, sun and dryness can cause these dark spots to appear that arise without our noticing and gradually becoming more visible. They give us an image of age, of fragility and hands are suddenly before our eyes, less beautiful.

If you apply every day a bit of Aloe vera gel , You will get the skin to regenerate little by little . This natural juice allows us to treat the skin of the hands, we will take care of them, we will tone them and we will reduce the spots. It is the best remedy and the most useful in our day to day. It will protect you from the sun and prevent the premature aging of your hands.

2. Lemon juice


Lemon juice Is a natural ingredient very used since antiquity to realize a simple miracle: Bleach the skin . This will attenuate the stains of the hands little by little. For this, it is essential that you do it at night. If the sun comes in contact with our skin impregnated in lemon, it is very negative.

So, we will do the following: Mix the juice of half a lemon with two slices of cucumber . We will pass these cucumber slices moistened with lemon on the hands, leaving it to act 20 minutes. Then wash your hands normally.

3. Apple cider vinegar


Another tip as wonderful as cash. We are sure that at home you have apple cider vinegar, you already know its great benefits. Well, this time it will help us to reduce the stains of the hands.

And what do we have to do? Very easy. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix with another tablespoon of moisturizer . The one you use for your hands normally. Massage for 10 or 15 minutes and leave to act overnight. It is very handy for removing stains from the hands.

4. Hydrogen peroxide


With this remedy we must go with care. There are people who do not react well To hydrogen peroxide , Causes stinging and irritation. You must be yourself to see if you can use it or not. The way to do it is very simple: at night we take a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide, then We will pass it by our hands letting it absorb . We will allow you to act, again all night.

As you can see, most of these tips are applied at night, that way we protect our hands from the effects of the sun. Only Aloe Vera will give us true protection against the sun's rays. Do not hesitate to try these simple remedies to mitigate the stains of your hands.

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