Stress Hair Loss: Discover These Essential Oils

Stress Is often one of the worst enemies for our health. One of its most known effects is undoubtedly hair loss or nervous alopecia. Psycho-emotional factors generate changes in our body and also in our scalp, favoring that dreaded loss increasingly common among us.

It should be noted, for our peace of mind, that these problems They are usually temporary And that, by suitable guidelines, the hair can grow back to normal. Good stress management and simple home remedies can be a great help.

Today, in our space we want to talk about the best essential oils to regenerate your hair in stressful situations.

Hair Loss and Stress

Hair loss

It is known that almost 70% of the female population has suffered from this problem. It is very usual to spend times where stress And anxiety alter our organism causing the hair to stop receiving adequate nutrition, which The hair bulb is weakened And, consequently, the hair falls.

It is also important to keep in mind that hair can suffer Two types of stress

  • Internal stress: Raised by tiredness, worries, excessive hours of work, lack of sleep, hormonal changes...
  • External stress : We must take into account the incidence of these elements that, despite not perceiving them, damage the health of the hair. Do you know what is it about? Of the pollution, of the effects of the sun, of the effects of the hair dyes, the straighteners, the drier... Elements that irritate and destroy the hair by getting the hair bulb suffocates with so many chemicals.

The best essential oils to take care of your hair

The Masks made from vegetable oils are a wonderful choice And effective for treating hair loss due to stress. They are nutritious and stimulate growth and health of the scalp and hair bulb. To benefit from them it is enough to apply them in the hair by means of a gentle massage.

If you are constant, you will notice how, little by little, the hair Grow back So, do not hesitate to look for these essential oils in any natural store or in specialized beauty shops. They are usually not expensive and can have many applications. Worth it.

We give you all the information below.

1. Essential oil of rosehip and olive oil


You can find this essential oil in any natural store. It is also used a lot for the beauty of the skin, so you will not have problems in acquiring it. What are you going to serve us for? The oil of rosehip Is a great repairer and regenerator of the skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it nourishes, heals, stimulates and brings vitality to the hair.

  • To benefit from its properties, we will take a glass jar and put 20 ml of rose hip essential oil along with 60 ml of olive oil. Then shake the bottle well so that both oils are unified.
  • We wash the hair first with warm, almost cold water, and then apply this mask of oils to the scalp by means of a massage. Leave on for 5 minutes and then wash your hair normally.
  • Ideal if you do it 3 times a week. A perfect treatment for hair loss.

2. Essential oil of rosemary and thyme


The combination of essential oil of rosemary And thyme is a very classic and effective remedy for hair loss. You can find them in natural stores, and it is even common for many people to make them at home. Be that as it may, they are ideal economic oils for Nourish and regenerate the hair bulb.

Take note of what we should do:

  • Moisten your hair with fresh water.
  • We put in a jar 30 ml of rosemary essential oil and 30 ml of thyme essential oil And mix well, then spread it in the hair.
  • Make a deep massage so that the scalp is well impregnated. Let it act 5 minutes and then wash your hair normally.
  • You can also repeat this treatment 3 times a week.

3. Essential oil of coconut and essential oil of cedar

Coconut oil

We love the essential oil of coconut . We have talked to you on several occasions about its many benefits, so we are sure that you have this useful natural remedy at home. It is ideal for the skin, to prevent and treat acne and perfect also to treat hair loss.

If we combine it with essential oil of cedar, we will obtain a magnificent remedy for these times in which the stress affects to the beauty of our mane. How can we benefit from these oils? We explain:

  • Once again, we will apply these essential oil masks With damp hair. It is important first that we put cold water in our hair, because if the water were hot, the oils would lose many of their properties.
  • Mixture 30 ml of coconut essential oil and 30 ml of essential oil of cedar in a jar. Remove well and apply on your hair. Take a deep massage to be able to properly nourish the scalp with this treatment, and let it act for 5 minutes. After this time, wash as usual the hair and finish the process with your favorite conditioner.

You will see how, day by day, your hair grows again. Choose the oils that you like or that are easier to find. It is simply about being constant in order to solve the dreaded hair loss from stress. Do not forget either Manage your emotions properly.

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