Stroke in women: Risk factors

Stroke... These two simple words already frighten us, and especially if we pay attention to the data: two out of three mortal victims are women. A problem that, to this day, is taking more lives than breast cancer.

It is worth to be aware of this problem that, sometimes, goes without our realizing it. That is why we must know the risk factors associated with stroke (stroke). A good prevention and Healthier lifestyle habits Can help us in many cases.

What if we consider this information? A few minutes of reading can do a lot for your health. Do not miss it!

Stroke: factors to keep in mind

1. Beware of hormonal therapies

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There are many women who undergo every year to complex Hormonal therapies to counteract the effects of menopause . In the long term, this type of treatment usually causes other health problems, being precisely the cerebrovascular one of them.

It is also important to know that many birth control pills that we usually use can have side effects tomorrow. The best thing to do is always to consult with our gynecologist what risks usually entail this kind of treatments.

2. Hypertension

The high tension is usually that silent enemy that alters many of our vital functions, almost without our realizing it. There are many people who, for example, did not know they had hypertension Until they suffer a stroke. What if we make periodic reviews? It costs nothing and an act as simple as controlling your blood pressure can do a lot for you.

3. Watch out for those extra pounds

Obesity is not healthy, we all know. We are also aware that when a certain age comes, our metabolism changes and we end up accumulating a few annoying Extra kilos in the belly area . If this is your case, put yourself in the hands of a nutritionist to help you eliminate that fat. Becoming somewhat chronic can dangerously increase the risk of a cardiovascular accident.

4. Do you suffer migraines?


The Migraines Are more common in women than in men. It is us who suffer that sharp pain that stops our lives and that forces us to seek an instant of silence and darkness in our room.

You should know that neurologists tell us that This type of headache is usually associated with many ischemic problems and risks of cerebral infarction , Due precisely to the role of blood vessels in the pathophysiology of migraine. What should we do then? Always follow the prescription that your doctor puts you and take care of your food. As you know, there are many foods that can act as triggers for migraine.

5. Cardiovascular diseases


Doctors are clear: Women usually take longer than men to go to the doctor When they notice a problem. We, in front of any strange symptom, usually associate it with tiredness or daily problems. "Those palpitations or that fatigue is only a result of stress Which I carry, is nothing,"we usually say.

You must be careful and attentive. Any strange things that you perceive make it known to your doctor. Women exteriorize heart problems differently from men, so pay attention to that pressure in the chest, those choking when you climb stairs or even your neck or jaw pain. You could have a serious problem and not be aware of it.

6. The importance of having regular blood tests

In addition to seeing our cholesterol level or Triglycerides , There is another relevant factor that can give us a clue about the risk of suffering a cardiovascular accident: The high number of red blood cells. It is a symptom that our blood is thicker and, therefore, an important risk to take into account.

So, do not hesitate: schedule with your doctor periodic reviews with which to prevent many of these problems. Your health is not something you can"defer".

7. Do you suffer from sleep apnea?


Sometimes we do not give importance to things as simple as snoring at night. This behavior is neither good nor healthy. You should know that the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the main cerebrovascular risk factors. The reason? It raises our blood pressure and lowers, in turn, the oxygen in our blood.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, let your doctor know.

Can Stroke Be Prevented?


As we always tell you in our space, We can not give you a magic formula To prevent many of these more serious diseases. Sometimes the simple fact of having a family history can determine a greater risk, but what we can do is prevent. Strive to lead a good quality of life, where to eliminate possible risks of suffering a cardiovascular accident.

We give you some small recommendations.

  • If you are a smoker, what are you waiting for? Eliminate that dangerous habit today.
  • Maintain a proper weight, do a little exercise a day and take care of your diet.
  • Manage your emotions properly and control the stress and anxiety states.
  • Get regular medical checkups: monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol And maintain good heart health.
  • Get busy. It is common for women to be aware of many of the people around us: the children, our parents, our partner... It is vital that you take your own health as a priority, that you never self-medicate and that, in the face of any problem, do not hesitate To see the doctor. Prevention is vital in the case of stroke.

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