Symptoms and prevention of osteoarthritis

The Osteoarthritis , Also known as osteoarthritis, is a Ailment that attacks the Joints Produced by cartilage wear Present at the ends of the bones. This disease is most often seen in the elderly.

There are several factors that affect the appearance of this disease, among them we find the age. A person over the age of 45 is more likely to have osteoarthritis . Sex also influences, because despite being a disease that appears in both men and women, in women it manifests itself at an earlier age. However, the factor with the greatest incidence is being overweight, since it quadruples the risk due to the greater wear of the joints.

Osteoarthritis causes swelling, pain, and loss of joint motion . It consists of the constant wear of the cartilage found at the ends of the bones . This protects from direct friction of the same, which can cause that in extreme cases parts of the bone remain in the place where the cartilage should be, and in the absence of this, it will produce even more pain when performing the movement in the joints . In the long term, this disease can cause deformity in the affected areas.

Osteoarthritis can occur in any joint of the body, but the most frequent are those of the back, especially the neck and lower back, knees and hands.



Osteoarthritis is a disease that manifests itself slowly, the first symptom can be Pain in the joints After performing a physical activity that requires a lot of effort. Osteoarthritis in the hands may manifest after the age of 50 and is believed to be a type of genetic osteoarthritis , Which is inherited by some members of the family and by others not, because it does not manifest in all people.

In a first stage there will be pain in the joints after any movement, which can be alleviated with rest; In a second phase the pain will occur during the activity and will remain during rest. Periods of pain will lengthen and It will become a more constant ailment.

Another symptom of the disease is manifested through stiffness in the joints, which Prevents normal bone movement And greater presence of pain develops.


This is a disease that can be prevented if we incorporate good habits in the diet And we eliminate the sedentarism of our life. It is also essential to avoid being overweight and to reduce activities that require a great physical effort like loading heavy objects.

Those who already have osteoarthritis should avoid movement that causes pain And use other joints that do not even manifest the disease. However, those in which it is already present must be exercised frequently with gentle movements and in short periods, without excessive movement in time or intensity, because it can be harmful; You can also use crutches or cane to reduce the demand on these affected joints. By last, It is recommended to use cold or localized heat in the area, as this can relieve pain and allow movement.


Osteoarthritis is a disease that occurs in people of advanced age, although there are premature cases. It impedes the free development and habitual activity of the person who suffers it, interfering in their movements and daily tasks and generates great pain and exhaustion due to the lack of protective cartilage of the extremities of the bones. This disease may correspond to a hereditary manifestation or to bad habits During life.

A good diet and frequent physical activity will ensure a healthy life and old age. These factors not only benefit in the prevention of osteoarthritis, but also of diverse diseases that can affect the different systems of the body. It is indispensable to know the properties of the foods we consume in our diet and its nutritional contributions for our organism.

As well It is important to take into account the body weight that corresponds to our height to control with this the food intake. We must carry a diet that allows the body to function properly and does not exceed fat to avoid overweight , Since this can cause us many diseases.

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