Symptoms of a Kidney Infection in Women

The women , By our constitution, we are more inclined to suffer this type of Kidney infections . A simple urine infection can be complicated, we can ascend to one of our kidneys and cause consequences that we must know.

Today in our space, for the sake of your health and your peace of mind, we invite you to know the main symptoms of a kidney infection.

1. What are the causes of a kidney infection?


The symptom Appear suddenly, from one day to another without us being able to know the reason. Many women are surprised at the diagnosis of a kidney infection but, in fact, it can appear for several reasons. Take note:

  • The most frequent is a bladder infection that It has not healed properly . Sometimes we do not follow the proper treatment. There are many women who, for example, decide to self-medicate, and this is not recommended. You should know that there is an appropriate antibiotic for each type of bacteria that causes the infection. They are not all the same. Hence the importance of going to the doctor, so that bladder infection is resolved well and does not rise to the kidney.
  • It is us who are more prone to infections by our anatomy. Hence, facts such as correct intimate hygiene are fundamental to avoid them. But look, An hygiene"exaggerated" Can also make us lose those beneficial bacteria that help us in these areas, and hence the need to maintain a balance, a normal daily cleaning. We must also be careful in our sexual relationships.
  • Sometimes, Polycystic kidneys Can also lead to these infections.
  • Diabetes is also another factor to consider.
  • To have Kidney stones Is undoubtedly another predictor of classic kidney infection.
  • Have very low defenses and a weakened immune system.

2. Symptoms of a Kidney Infection

Kidney cyst

1. Unexplained tiredness

The fatigue is progressive. Sometimes, and more in our case, there are days when we feel more tired than usual: menstruation, a headache... is normal. But in case of a Infection of kidney , There comes a day when we have no strength. It's almost as if we were"split in half,"we only find relief when we sit or lie down.

  • The fatigue must be progressive. Every day is worse and there are no days of spontaneous improvement.
  • It is not related to stress or the effort you make.
  • It is not resolved with any medication and it is difficult to continue with the daily tasks.

2. Different types of pain

A kidney infection often causes different types of discomfort that we must recognize:

  • Pain on both sides of the abdomen.
  • Sometimes it extends to the groin and by pressing a little with the hand gives us the sensation of finding a momentary relief.
  • Severe pain in the lower part of the back , On one side. It's like having a burning plate in this area.
  • Intermittent but intermittent headache.

3. Urine disorders

  • It is very common that, suddenly, we feel a persistent urge to go to the bathroom. Even after we are finished, we still feel like urinating.
  • Urine takes on another color, As of"coke". It is a sign that there may be blood or pus in it.
  • The simple act of urinating causes a lot pain.

4. Beware of fever

The fact of having a few degrees of fever is a warning that something happens, that we have an infection. If we present the above symptoms, and especially a fever, we should go to our doctor as soon as possible. It is a clear indication that we have a kidney infection.

5. Lack of appetite

It is very common that To extreme tiredness You will one The inappetence. We do not want anything, nor elaborate dishes, nor simple salads. What is common is that we feel very thirsty. Usually, infections dry inside and cause an urge to drink.

6. Accelerated pulse

As a direct result of the Fever and infection, We may have rapid heartbeats. Our body has a small alteration and forces the heart to work faster. Hence the fatigue.

7. Nausea and vomiting

Feeling nauseous and even vomiting is a more advanced symptom of a kidney infection. That's when we start having problems for To do the digestion , We do not tolerate food so well and we present Intestinal problems . This can lead to greater weakness, tremors, more tiredness...

Try not to get to these last extremes. A kidney infection is immediately identified if we have a fever, tiredness, lower back pain, and blood in the urine.


Always remember that it will be your doctor who will give you the most appropriate and pertinent treatment. Usually, Are antibiotics Who will allow us to respond, but, as we say, we must always follow the guidelines of professionals.

Meanwhile, follow a proper diet, keep quiet and never lose optimism. Your health deserves it.

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