The 5 best satiating and purifying fruits: Enjoy them!

Fruits are those essential foods in our day to day . Natural treasures of vitamins and minerals that nourish us and that hydrate us, and which, in addition, can be excellent means to go losing weight.

Many of them are that ideal resource to put in the bag to take away hunger between hours, and thus we are satiated and we get much better at lunch or dinner. However, some fruits can give us even more benefits. Do you want to know, for example, which ones are best for Purify our organism and satisfy us?

Describe them with us!

1. Watermelon


We love the watermelon! Is a fruit Which we can find in almost every market in the world; Is refreshing, moisturizing and a perfect ally for Purify the body and become satiated . Discover all you can do for yourself:

  • It is one of the fruits with more Water content, almost 90% . It has hardly any calories and is very suitable for adults, children or the elderly.
  • Did you know that it is very rich in vitamin A? All a treasure of antioxidants capable of strengthening us and of fighting free radicals.
  • The watermelon Is, in addition, Rich in vitamin C. It is perfect for assimilating calcium, promoting healing of wounds and also for strengthening our immune system. Excellent!
  • They give us magnesium.
  • It helps us to do the digestion.
  • Nor can we forget that Watermelon is diuretic. Thanks to its high water content, we put our kidneys into operation and purify the body much better.

2. Pears


Do you want a great idea? In your breakfast, prepare a pear cut into small pieces and accompany it with three nuts and a few grapes . In addition to being delicious, you will leave home well nourished, satiated and with an excellent dose of antioxidants.

One of the most important characteristics of pear It is precisely his satiating property. Besides giving us lots of fiber, we can not forget that Is very rich in water. Hence it also acts as a good purifier.

You should know that it is imperative that you consume the pear with skin. It is precisely here where most of your vitamins are, so do not forget to Wash them well before eating them . If you have a somewhat inflamed stomach, gastritis or intestinal problems, it will be more appropriate to have a smoothie without pear skin: you will digest it better.

3. The kiwi

Kiwi and lettuce

Did you know that kiwi has more vitamin C than oranges? It's sensational! In addition, because of its high content of water, fiber and vitamins, it also stands as one of the best satiating fruits. We tell you all the benefits that can bring you:

  • In addition to being satisfied, the kiwi is a treasure that brings us Antioxidants and vitamins .
  • It is one of the fruits most recommended for diets of slimming, since it has little calories and helps us to regulate our organism, purifying it and Favoring in turn the intestinal transit.
  • It is perfect for combating fluid retention.
  • You should also know that the kiwi has a Enzyme called actidine, Which helps us to promote digestion, avoid inflammation and reduce annoying gases.
  • It is perfect for improving our blood pressure , Also improving our blood circulation.
  • Do you want a simple recommendation? Include in your breakfast A bowl with a sliced ​​kiwi along with a natural Greek yogurt . You should know that the natural Greek yogurt is rich in those bacteria that take care of our intestinal transit, is satiating and very healthy. Combined with kiwi, it's simply delicious.

4. Pineapple


Are you a fan of the pineapple? Then you are in luck. Another great satiating and purifying fruit that can not be missed in your diet; Is delicious and ideal for when we are following a weight loss plan.

  • Pineapple is diuretic and depurative , A perfect fruit to eliminate toxins and all those components that the body does not need. We avoid liquid retentions and it gives us a good level of potassium.
  • Pineapple is also Rich in bromelain , An enzyme that helps us make the Digestions , Avoid constipation and take care of our digestive system.
  • Do you know how many vitamins the pineapple has? Vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and even the indispensable folic acid . Do not hesitate to include it daily in your dishes!
  • Remember that to benefit from the benefits of pineapple, you can eat it in the natural, rich juices or even mix it in your salads.

5. Apples

Digestive properties of the apple

What if we put an apple in our bag when we leave the house? If you wash it well and you eat it with skin, you will enjoy One of the best satiating and purifying fruits, And besides... They are delicious! The type of apple that most helps us to purify the body and eliminate blood sugar is the green apple. However, all are beneficial and healthy.

Apples are also very medicinal, regulate cholesterol, improve our heart health and, as the saying goes,"eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away from your life." It is worthwhile to include them in our diet, either in your breakfast or in those hours when, suddenly, we are hungry.

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